Reawakening the Soul

 Soul Wisdom



Connect To Your Soul’s Infinite Power

Spiritual Journey

Begin a spiritual journey inward with these captivating “soul message” Wisdom Cards, infused with Divine light transferred into the power of imagery. These cards contain Universal Principles governing the Cosmic law. Allow their wisdom to escort you deep into understanding the truth of your existence.

The images on the Soul Cards are from my original paintings carefully chosen over the past 30 years. There are 38 Cards; each one has a story and message to share about a specific topic. Exquisite colors, images and accented with gold leaf.

Wisdom Cards
Wisdom Cards Sundara Fawn
Sundara Fawn Wisdom Cards

Take a Spiritual Journey

Using the Soul Wisdom Cards

Calm your mind … ask for your Soul’s Guidance … and draw a card. Read the message and contemplate. Consciously apply the insights into your daily life’s experiences and you will experience life in a new healthy way. Your perspective will change to bring forth peace, joy and happiness. Watch magic and miracles begin to unfold. There are many creative ways to use these cards and you will discover your own unique method through the wisdom of your soul.