Uniting in Oneness with your Creator

To remember your natural essence, which is being One with the Infinite is the goal of your existence. Uniting with your higher self begins by making a conscious choice in the way you perceive yourself. It requires paying attention to your conscious mind and the messages sent to you. If you feel uncomfortable when you listen to your consciousness, it’s time to visit these beliefs and change them. Begin to peel off the layers of deception that hold you bound and replace them with the wisdom of truth. Your essence consists of goodness and love. When you open your eyes to see and feel God as the underlying reality, you live in the presence of peace. 

The most important relationship to develop is a healthy and loving relationship within yourself, with God. You must come to peace with yourself and forgive all past mistakes. If you feel that you have hurt others, know that you acted to the best of your ability during that time and resolve to not do it again. Forgive yourself!  Mentally change your consciousness to support your goodness. You know what improvements you wish to make, so set forth a conscious effort to change and improve yourself. Train your consciousness to support yourself with kind and loving words. This is self-love and when you learn how to love yourself and nurture your spirit you will be blessed with great rewards. You are never separate from God, nor will you ever be.

The excitement of realizing your oneness with God will be fully supported, as your own personal will aligns with the Divine will. You will come to know there is no separation between you and the world around you.

Unity means to feel the presence of Spirit that resides within your being and everything around you. Spirit is in every breath you take, every movement you make, every thought you think, every sound you hear and every word you speak. The holy presence of Spirit resides within you, is you, and consists of pure love.  To come to the realization of the holy union between yourself and Spirit is your greatest treasure. You will reflect and express yourself as divinity itself and bring others back to themselves by your example. You will be aware that everyone in the world is your family.

When you experience yourself as Spirit, you will feel that the entire universe is connected to the same cosmic intelligence you are. Everything in existence is birthed from Spirit’s consciousness. Your Creator is the world Soul out of which all souls have come. You are connected to all that exists in the universe.

“The light of God is evenly distributed to all men, though not all reflect it equally. Learn to see God in all persons, of whatever race or religion. When you feel that you are a part of a United World—giving love and service to all men, as Christ did—then you will feel Cosmic Love, which is God.”

~ Paramahansa Yogananda

Using the Cycles of the Moon for Manifesting

Setting intentions and manifesting your goals when using the energy of the moon cycles is powerful and beneficial. You are flowing with the rhythm of oneness of the universe. The being of your essence is in harmony with the cycles of the moon.

Reflecting the energy of the new moon, you withdraw into the depths of your own inner silence. In this darkness you recognize the stillness of your soul. In this silence, you feel your connection to your Creator. You respect this time as a period of self-reflection and planting new seeds of dreams. During the new moon, write in your journal what intentions you wish to create for the month. Know that the universe is working with you in manifesting your desires. 

As your life cycle shifts into the rhythm of the full moon, you feel your energy bursting with light. You are highly active as you engage in the world around you. Your emotions peak and you may even feel a bit chaotic. But through conscious awareness, you know this is just a cycle that will pass and repeat itself. You feel the perfection of the cyclic rhythm and know there are gifts to be found in the duality of all the energies presenting themselves to you. The union of bringing your soul back to God creates a balanced state of mind through understanding the natural divine laws. During the period of the full moon is a great time of checking your progress from the seeds you planted on the new moon. 


Do I allow myself the quiet time needed in order to feel the energy sustaining me?

Do I accept and embrace the ever-changing cycles that happen in my life?

How can I feel more unity with my Divine Creator?


I receive support and connection from the element of Earth. 

This blog was taken from an excerpt from my Exploration Guidebook and the card from my Soul Oracle Card deck. If you enjoyed reading this, please feel free to check out more inspiration.

Keep Shining … ~Sundara