Trusting Yourself as ONE With Divine Mother

I highly encourage this wonderful exercise:

Look back as if you were a young child again. Envision and create the perfect mother of your dreams raising you. Feel the capacity of her unconditional love towards you. Feel her fully listening and responding with compassion to all your needs, concerns and pain. Feel that she has your back no matter what happens to you in life! You completely trust her and you know that you are safe, because you know she will never leave your side—not in this lifetime or the next. She has proven to you without a single doubt in your mind that she is your truest best friend.

Your Divine Mother has been with you through thousands of incarnations, because she has become you. She resides within your soul and has never left—it was you that has left her. You have forgotten her presence and believed that this world has forsaken you, hurt you, and doesn’t hear your requests. Your senses have been pulled away into the material world and you forgot that this beautiful Divine Mother is always loving you unconditionally. 

This same loving energy also resides in your biological mother. Know that your earthly mother was chosen in exact accordance from your previous thoughts and actions throughout incarnations. Understand that your earthly mother may be/have been a wounded child in an adult body, only doing the best that she knows how to do—according to her own state of consciousness. Know that she has played the part in your life that your soul needed for its own personal growth towards bringing you back to the truth of your real Divine Mother, God.

I’m here to share with you that your thoughts have the power to create the mother you deserve to have. This is your divine birthright, but you have fallen asleep in delusion.

But you have the chance in this lifetime to wake up from this slumber of delusion and reclaim your divine inheritance as a child of God and create your dreams!

“All I have seen teaches me to trust the creator for all I have not seen.”

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Message—Soul Wisdom Oracle Trust Card

To fully live in peace, learn to trust the perfection of life. This foundation of trust is built by remembering your God-Self. In this awareness, you will trust yourself through the power of your soul’s intuition.

Understand that every occurrence is in perfect divine order. You create everything in your existence, whether consciously or subconsciously through your thoughts, beliefs, and actions. Every experience arrives in order for you to grow closer towards your own divinity. The way in which you participate in this world is based upon your level of trust in your Creator.

Meditation is the way in which you can realize your Oneness with your Creator. Keep God directly in your line of vision at all times while performing your actions. Jesus said: “But rather seek ye the kingdom of God; and all these things shall be added unto you.” Luke 12:31. When you feel your presence as One with God, you trust the world in which you exist because you trust yourself.

When you gain this awareness, you have the strength to accept and embrace every circumstance, trial, and situation—all the so-called “problems” that arise in your life. There are no problems, only opportunities. And you are being given the gift of opportunity to learn what you need from each test and trial while being calmly active.

Suffering occurs when you identify with your lower self and forget who you are. This misidentification creates feelings of helplessness, blame and denial, which lead to questions such as, “why is this happening to me?” This mindset keeps you separated from your true identity. Remember that you are never separate from Spirit. Your thoughts, beliefs and perception of experiences are responsible for disconnecting you from this realization. Through meditation and right living, you can change your thoughts by experiencing the true nature of your soul. Develop faith and you will move rapidly towards your soul’s spiritual unfolding, leading you to divine realization.

When you are aware of your divine presence, you will achieve right attitude and you can affirm: “Now, Lord, this has happened to me, please help me understand what I need to learn. I know that you have placed this upon me only for my highest good.”

Trust that everything is created for the sole purpose of uniting you back to your Source. In attaining this wisdom, you will understand that in every single moment, the divine is guiding you back home. When you fully accept and embrace every occurrence created in your life with gratitude, you live in faith and receive the gift of profound peace and inner strength.

Sri Daya Mata said, “Never bemoan what happens to you. Never feel defeated by any circumstance of your life. Strive always to think, “Lord, I have faith that no trial or experience comes to me without Your permission. I know I have within me, through your blessing, the strength to cope with anything that comes.”

Even when your task seems superhuman, remember that the Divine is just stretching the rubber band of your consciousness, expanding its potentially infinite capacity.

When you arrive at a place of acceptance through understanding the law of cause and effect, you will consciously create more trust in your life. Your positive thoughts and right thinking will bring forth the exact circumstances that will manifest into your life’s experiences. Trust in the law of divine perfection. Set yourself free, spread your wings and fly!


Am I accepting and blessing each of my current life situations at this moment?

Am I filled with the presence and love of God?

Do I trust that I am creating my own experiences?

How can I accept the divine order of life’s happenings?

What gifts are waiting to be born through my struggles?


I completely trust the perfection of divine order in my life.

This blog was taken from an excerpt from my Exploration Guidebook and the card from my Soul Oracle Card deck. If you enjoyed reading this, please feel free to check out more inspiration.

Keep Shining … ~Sundara