Right now we are all experiencing our own unique spiritual awakening according to our karmic patterns of consciousness.

But there’s no doubt about it, our Divine Mother is shouting, encouraging us to wake up now!

The worldly stream of information is saturated with propaganda, creating fear, division and confusion.

Life becomes surreal, as we find ourselves questioning what is really true.

And we are done being “lied to!”

During this challenging time, I’d like to open my heart and share a few insights and exercises with you so you’ll experience truth at a soul level to help you make sense of this moment.

You may base truth upon fact from things you perceive as real or from experiences or events. In our existence, we’ve all been indoctrinated to some level of degree, without possibly even being aware of it.    

Truth is universal and is the rightful possession of every person and constitutes the equality of all souls before God.

In the deep peace found in meditation, you will experience your soul made in the image of God. In this perfection, you will come to know absolute truth. When you live in this clarity, you will realize that you are never alone. You will feel the all-pervading love of God surrounding and guiding you through the voice of your soul. Your supreme desire will become to experience the presence of God in your soul . . .

It is here where truth is known.

Truth is fully understood when your soul knows its own perfect nature made in the image of God. Your soul is an all-powerful divine expression of love. In the deluded ego state, you do not know this soul perfection; you are only aware of it and misinterpret it’s ability to manifest your inherent power and peace.

Live every day authentically and have the desire and determination to experience God for yourself. 

The ultimate Truth is God; and God is the ultimate Truth. What you are before God and your own conscious, that is what you are. Even if the whole world misunderstands you, nothing is lost; you are what you are.”

― Paramahansa Yogananda

The following exercise will help you feel and experience truth from your Soul:

Find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. Nature is the highest energetic place to connect with our Creator, or choose any place you feel completely safe in. Close your eyes, breathe deeply, slowly, and rhythmically in through the  nose . . . and out through the mouth. Spend time being introspective about what you experience as your truths. This includes what you perceive outwardly along with the truths you hold about yourself. You are encouraged to explore truth at a very deep level.

Ask yourself these introspective questions: (For best results, write down your answers in a journal before you journey into them)

 What truths do I believe about myself? . . . about others? . . . And my earthly surroundings?

What truths do I believe about the world in which I exist?

Where did these beliefs come from? 

Are these truths accurate or distorted perceptions?

Am I completely authentic to my higher self when speaking my truth?

What would my experience in life be like if I felt the presence of God expressing through me?

How do you validate your perception of truth in all areas?

You are now being guided to challenge yourself as to how you understand truth. The universe is directing you to listen and trust the intuition of your soul. Right now in this world, it is difficult to trust what is really true as we’ve all experienced many untruths and deceitful lies.

If you find yourself experiencing any fear around these exercises, learn what it takes to be fearless and how to destroy these harmful thoughts. You have the strength within your soul to reclaim your divine heritage.

Have the courage to conquer fear and overcome difficulties, for you are a spiritual warrior. Be courageous in meeting any challenges instead of running away from them.

Don’t allow fear to stop you from knowing truth and living your dreams. Know that you are a dynamic immortal soul, and have confidence in this truth! 

“There is no particular section of the world, nor any special group of people, that may claim truth as an exclusive heritage. It is the rightful possession of every person, and constitutes the equality of all souls before God. If you do not make an effort to know truth, to perceive it beneath the veils that hide it, you will not discover your own real nature and will therefore remain at the mercy of outside forces of “circumstances.” In meditation behold the star of divine wisdom, that its rays disclose the truth ever within yourself. “If therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light” (Matthew 6:22). Truth is mighty and shall prevail! 

TRUTH A “Para-Gram” by Paramahansa Yogananda


Find a quiet place where you can relax undisturbed. Sit comfortably with your spine straight. Take a deep breath in, tensing your body from your feet to your head. Bring awareness to each body part, as you tense each muscle one by one, within the same inhale. As your entire body is tensed with energy, hold your breath until you are ready to exhale and release. As you exhale, make any audible sounds to expel all tension from your body. Repeat this exercise three times or until you feel relaxed.

Gently begin allowing your natural breath to move in and out. With each inhale, silently chant: “I inhale truth.” With each exhale, chant: “I exhale truth.” Repeat this chant several times as you naturally breathe in and out. Remain in this state for as long as necessary, feeling all distracting thoughts subside.

Feel the presence of peace found in the culmination of the images of the painting. Breathe deeply and slowly into your heart until you begin to feel calm, centered and safe. Surround yourself with the love and peace that resides within the warmth of your heart.

Feel this presence and know that you are never alone here in this world. Feel and know yourself as the essence of Spirit. This existence holds the truth of your connectedness to everything. Located in this space is guidance and courage along with pure, unconditional love. Encompass yourself in this energy. In your heart lies truth. God knows your heart and you don’t have to prove yourself to anyone.

As you gently rub your heart with your hand, repeat to yourself, “My only truth is God and God knows my truth.”  Repeat this several times until you become absorbed in the sensation of this reality.

Your soul is love, and you as Spirit are love. Feel yourself stepping into this perfection and see yourself living in this physical world as a Godly being without any limitations. Sense your calm and compassionate disposition as you spread this energy and share it to everyone around you.

Experience the breath of God behind your breath; feel the life force of God behind your every thought and action. Visualize yourself living every minute and every day of your life in this holy presence.

Begin living in the truth that you are—a transcendental immortal and perfect image of God. Your physical and spiritual image is absolute truth.

Breathe in truth . . . breathe out truth . . . breathe in truth . . .  breathe out truth—you are love!


I experience life in absolute truth as an expression of Spirit.



 Excerpts from this blog were taken from the Reawakening the Soul Exploration Guidebook for Self-Discovery.