If your life feels as though you are on a roller coaster, tolerating the severe ups and downs, twists and turns, bumps and bruises, and you are ready to step off of this wild ride . . . then I’ve got some fantastic tips for you!

Since the end of February when I made a committed decision to sell my house after living there for almost 17 years, I felt as if I’ve been on a roller coaster. From sorting and eliminating “stuff” to cleaning, packing and moving. And then to unpack, organize and decorate my new sacred space has definitely felt like one hell of a ride! But I did it all in exactly 3 months, which I consider to be a miracle . . . and I feel so Free!

Now that I’ve stepped off of the roller coaster of life and into a consciously created calm peaceful reality, its as though I’ve “landed.” I’m now nestled on 30 glorious acres of forest with a background symphony of birds, wildlife and the sound of the flowing river.

All the craziness and busyness has ended, and now it’s time to reset. This place of inner peace is the grace of God and I wish for you to experience the sublime gift of creating the dreams aligned to your soul.

Are you ready to step off of the twirling roller coaster and into calm peace? If so, read on my Angelic Friend for 5 profound tips for lightening speed acceleration towards a new life!

Tip #1
Meditate to Receive Clear Soul Direction

When you quiet your restless mind during meditation, your soul will speak to you. Your soul is divine in nature and knows exactly the proper direction for you to achieve everlasting peace.

Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. With your spine erect, close your eyes and place your gaze at the point between your eyebrows. Inhale deeply, holding your breath as you tense your entire body—exhale and release. Do this exercise a few times as you release the restless energy from your physical field. Continue to sit quietly as you focus on your breath. With each inhale mentally chant “I” and exhale “AM.” By mentally chanting “I AM” you will begin to feel yourself merge with the one universal cosmic energy. If you find your mind drifting towards thoughts, gently return to the “I AM” mantra and you will begin to feel a deep calm peace. Sit for as long as necessary, until your mind becomes still.

Write down the messages you receive from your soul to start creating your new course of direction.

How will you apply more time in your life for meditation?

Tip #2
Create a Strategic Exit Plan

Once you receive soul guidance offering your course of direction, it’s time to begin thinking strategically to complete it. In order to move forward towards your soul-guided dreams, you must move out of your current created reality if it doesn’t fully support you.

Write down all the things you must eliminate and change in your life in order to achieve your new soul goal. An exit plan is mandatory and acts as a map to guide you towards your vision.

Create and execute your exit plan to move out of the old dysfunctional patterns and into your newly created reality.

Tip #3
Take Immediate Action

Now that you know your course of direction and exit plan to release the old, you must take immediate action to activate the universal energies. God helps those who help themselves is a powerful and accurate passage of truth. The more action you take, and the more mind power you use, the faster you accomplish your mission.

Write down one action you will take today . . . and do it!

Tip #4
Remain Laser Focused on your Soul’s Vision!

Your vision is divine and sacred and should be nurtured and cared for. In a relaxed state, take at least twenty minutes every day to envision what you wish to achieve. Feel as if you have already completed your mission and step into your perceived outcome. Take a mental note as to how rewarding and exciting this feels to you. The more you emotionally feel it, the quicker it will manifest.

Throughout the day, keep watch of your thoughts. Continually dream about your intention, goals and vision.

Don’t worry about “how” you will complete your mission. Just don’t lose sight of your vision and miraculously the “how” will be taken care of by God. Have unshakable faith in your Creator and watch the blessings unfold before your very eyes!

Tip #5
Pay Attention to Distractions!

When you are determined to achieve peaceful goals, it’s inevitable that dualistic forces will arise. Be wide-awake and conscious of life’s distractions that try to pull you away from your goals and dreams.

Distractions come in the disguise of many forms, such as people, situations, drama, circumstances . . . the events of everyday life.

Don’t be influenced or intimidated by those who make you feel “wrong” about what you know to be “right.” Only share your dreams with those who inspire and encourage you.

Get away from gloom and doom individuals and place yourself around positive like-minded people.

A positive and healthy living environment is extremely important to your entire well-being. Your environment is stronger than your will power!

Become victorious and combat any distractions that try to steal your dreams.

Introspection Question:

How can I create a healthy environment to support, nurture, and inspire me?


May the Peace of the Wilderness Always Be With You,

Love, Sundara