SOLAR ECLIPSE “Ring of Fire”

*NEW MOON* in Cancer


This summer solstice portal will open the way for us to remember the TRUTH—we are infinite Spirit made of LIGHT and LOVE.

Connecting with your luminous higher self you will know the TRUTH that you are LOVE, here on earth LOVING and honoring the GIVER of all Gifts, our One Creator.

You have received the gift to experience this earthly dimension and being entertained by the drama of consciousness being played out here.

Now is the time, we awaken to realize we are all siblings, yes brothers and sisters from the same Mother, Father . . .  God as Spirit. We were adopted by our earthly parents according to our karmic patterns to fulfill the lessons we need to learn while playing in this GAME Called Life.

There is no division . . . no separation . . . we are all SPIRIT!


A “Para-Gram” by Paramahansa Yogananda

Those who love God and who cannot be bribed by anything else are leaders destined to take mankind out of the chaos of sorrow into the light of freedom and happiness. You should first serve your family, then your friends, then your country, then the world. The light of God is evenly distributed to all men, though not all reflect it equally. Learn to see God in all persons, of whatever race or religion. When you feel that you are a part of a United World—giving love and service to all men, as Christ did—then you will feel Cosmic Love, Which is God. 

It is Time to Awaken . . .

You are an Immortal Soul 


I am Spirit . . . Spirit is Fearless!

Keep Shining Your Diamond Light!

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