Welcome to the Reawakening of Your Soul during this Great Historical Moment in Time!

My Guru Paramahansa Yogananda and the Great Masters tell us that this world has entered an ascending age and that humanity is in the midst of an evolutionary shift of consciousness toward greater spiritual awakening.

The electrifying and contrasting forces we are currently experiencing offers us ample opportunities to expand our consciousness. We’ve never experienced anything like this in our world history, and you were chosen to participate in this Great Reawakening of Your Soul during this historical moment in time.

However, to avoid suffering one must have faith, along with being aware and awake to hear the voice and guidance of the Universal Cosmic Mother, Father, God. Silence, meditation and spending time in nature allows space and receptivity for the divine channel to flow into your consciousness.

Creation would not exist without the positive and negative forces of duality. These contrasting forces are continuously igniting in motion creating our physical existence. Everything in creation needs friction to grow—including our personal experiences, which are karmically determined. 

We are experiencing friction on a global scale, and in this very moment of time, we are experiencing a tipping point as the evil is rapidly being exposed so that the light of truth will shine. We are in an epic period of great  transformation and each of us has a divine role and part to play in this cosmic hypnosis.

We are in a war of duality—light vs dark; good vs evil; love vs hate; soul vs ego; truth vs lies, God vs satan.

Since the created can never be greater than the CREATOR—GOD as our Cosmic Creator always Wins!! Therefore, as we are love and  light beings made in the image of God, as pure hearts of love—we will win!! This is the scientific universal law. In actuality according to the eternal present moment of NOW, which is the only real time,  we’ve already won! 

As instruments of God, we returned back to earth to allow the Christ Consciousness to be fully expressed through the consciousness of our souls. Now is our time to wake up, speak up, and fully participate in this war against humanity. We are the Second Coming of Christ! The Christ Consciousness is flowing through our very essence here on this planet. Let’s serve God Alone, along with all the Great Ones working in the astral realm to claim victory over delusion and hand over the world to the rightful owner — Our Creator God, in the religion of LOVE!

We are all universally rooted in One consciousness. By experiencing your universal Cosmic connection, our world will unite in truth and harmony.  

Your mind interprets the duality of life as it processes information by comparing and defining through the perception of your consciousness. You have been conditioned to experience the world through your senses and from the observations of those who have influenced you. You have learned to comprehend life in a certain manner through conditioning and indoctrination. Now, during this great awakening you are opening up to a new level of understanding—a truth derived from wisdom. You are beginning to realize that your perceptions are illusions. You are now ready to see from the heart of wisdom and step into your truth as infinite Spirit.

Spirit is the essence behind all creation. Your entire being is made up of Spirit. When you focus your life, ideals and ambitions solely on worldly pursuits, the sense of accomplishment is only temporary. Your soul is seeking a higher goal—a direct experience of God. In order to attain this experience, you must quiet both body and mind and listen to your inner voice of intuition. This is accomplished through meditation. Meditation is a vital part of each day and is just as important as proper rest and nutrition.

When you experience the joy found in spending time with God, you will realize that you are a soul filled with bliss. You have a body, but you are not the body; You have a mind, but you are not the mind. Your soul is a divine reflection of Spirit and is perfect and will be perfect unto eternity. By living in this awareness, you will not be limited by the mundane experiences of daily life. When you wake up to absolute truth, you realize that your soul is held in the protective and loving arms of the Beloved.

Don’t allow destructive mental patterns to stop you from knowing truth and living your dreams. Know that you are a dynamic immortal soul, and have confidence in this truth! 

When you remember the divine link between your soul and God, you will gain the wisdom that duality doesn’t exist in higher realms of consciousness and experience the true meaning of freedom! 

  “This world is a world of duality: life is made up of pleasure and pain, health and sickness, heat and cold, love and hate, life and death. Man’s goal is to take his consciousness beyond this law of duality, the veil of maya, and find the One who is present in all creation and beyond creation.”

~ Sri Daya Mata

Skills to Defeat the Destructive Forces of Duality


1.) Disconnect from the fear propaganda being fed from the destructive forces of main street media.  There is a malicious narrative that the globalists are protecting and projecting throughout the news stations.  These energies are negative in vibration and will hold you hostage in slavery through using the darkest force of fear tactics. In this fearful consciousness, you may be misled to making choices from the ego, which will not serve your highest spiritual self. Collectivism, coercion, guilt, shame, intimidation and manipulation by the press defending the narrative will lead to totalitarianism and destruction. That’s all you have to do is FOLLOW the MONEY, and you will realize the evildoers who own and control the agenda coming from the media outlets. To utilize your spiritual skills and build resistance to the harmful forces of fear,  read what it takes to be fearless.

2.) Have Curiosity and Critical Thinking.  As you’ve experienced all the lies and disinformation cycling during this hurricane of events, it makes you open your eyes as to whom you can really trust. It’s essential to QUESTION everything and everyone and do your own research and facts from independent researchers who are NOT influenced by money, power, nor are a slave to the dysfunctional deep state organization. This includes doctors who may be compromised and a slave to the corrupt medical and pharmaceutical system. Becoming an objective Independent thinker who seeks facts, data and truth will ultimately allow you see through a new lense.   

3.) Be Self-Governing. You are made in the image of God as Spirit. You possess all the rights to your body, choices and beliefs. No government or organization has any right to tell you what to do with your life or body. Remember, the government is your employee and works for you on behalf of protecting your God-Given freedom to liberty, justice and the pursuit of happiness. Our tyrannical government is exposing all their deceit, so pay attention to real facts and truth. It is your God-given responsibility to take care of humanity and our precious earth—but you must be courageous, conquering fear and overcoming difficulties. Take care of yourself by feeding your consciousness with truth.      

4.) Stay Awake in this Cosmic Dream of Duality. In essence this world is God’s dream. To be “in this world, but not of the world” takes continuous practice. Everything taking place in your life’s experiences offers you a great opportunity to hone in on the skill of perceiving life differently. When it’s time for your final exit through death on this plane of consciousness, you will wake up to realize that you were only dreaming. Live life as a dream without becoming to emotionally attached to this cosmic dream of duality.    

Ask yourself these introspective questions:
(For best results, write down your answers in a journal)

 How would I experience life differently if I realized my spiritual essence?  

Am I caught up in the worldly drama and forgetting God?

In what ways can I experience my reaction to duality? 

What things do I fear most? and why?  


 I now choose to see Spirit existing within all creation.