Soul Vision Quest Coloring Workbook

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With 38 coloring pages and 38 soul work pages corresponding to the Soul Wisdom Oracle cards, this coloring/workbook focuses on helping you to connect with your Soul through harnessing the creative, calming, and meditative benefits of coloring. Each coloring page includes vibrationally healing images to help stimulate mind-body awakening. The worksheets are designed to help you focus on taking action towards your dreams and designed for you to chart your spiritual progress. Encased with a heavy-duty binder to grow with you throughout the years as you explore your Spiritual Soul!

This book is essential for charting your spiritual progress as you consciously create your new reality.

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Creativity, meditation and goal setting to map your life’s course towards making your dreams a reality all bundled into this dynamic book.

Experience the calming and creative benefits of coloring. This form of meditation will relax your mind as you set your intentions to make your dreams a reality. There are 38 coloring pages that correspond to each Soul Wisdom Card, along with self-inquiry questions and a goal setting worksheet for each coloring page. This book will allow you to chart your “Hero’s Journey” into reaching your highest potential.

Reawakening the Soul Vision Quest Coloring Workbook is designed to help you become aware of your true self through self-inquiry as you examine your life. This workbook is a sacred place for you to set clear intentions, goals, and encourages you to become accountable for taking action towards your dreams. In order to create what you want in your life, you must first envision it.

This workbook is designed to grow with you throughout the years, as you track your spiritual progress. By using your creative imagination, you will discover that old negative limiting beliefs transform into healthy new positive ones. When your internal dialog changes, your external reality naturally changes—an organically beautiful process unfolds. You will soon find that you are living your dreams here on earth.

We are all born with the gift of creativity. Our goal is to realize and utilize this creative force latent within our souls. We have unlimited creative potential just waiting to be expressed into the physical world. Creativity connects both the left and right sides of our brain as it acts as a conduit connecting and balancing our emotional and psychological states of being. Coloring is a form of meditation and brings forth inner peace and clarity as it relaxes the mind.

When we color with conscious intention towards a specific desired outcome, our dreams and visions begin to manifest. When we color mindlessly, without intention, the subconscious mind creates from habitual programming creating the same old patterns over and over again. Therefore, it is important to relax and concentrate on positive aspects and outcomes during the coloring process.

All of us have a creative genius within us, just waiting to be acknowledged, developed and birthed. Creativity is essential to our well being as it is the gateway to personal transformational healing. Creativity is a portal leading us into the peaceful silence of souls. When we engage ourselves in a creative project, whether it is painting, drawing, journaling, cooking, etc.—our minds enter into another realm. A fulfilling and peaceful place filled with tranquility, imagination, and timeless fulfillment. We are all able to tap into this vortex during the creative process to bring forth spiritual insights and intuitive knowledge directly from our souls. It’s like stepping out from one world and drifting into another beautiful world, which seems to be more harmoniously balanced with our natural vibration. Through art, we experience such joy and contentment as we feel the Divine Source working through our body. This ecstatic energy allows us to experience “Ultimate Fulfillment.”

The coloring pages are all original art created by my daughter, Syvanah and myself over the course of several years. My wish is for you to experience the passion, prayer, and love that is put into the creation of this book as you add your own beautiful personal energy to give it life. May this book bless you with the realization that you are an infinite being of light placed here on earth as an angel to express your divine creative gifts!

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