Soul Reading (Live + MP3)

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Are you struggling to find your life’s purpose? Do you feel lost or ‘stuck’ in your life? Are you seeking clarity and direction? Do you need help in your relationships? Do you need answers now?
If so, I’m here to help you so you no longer have to worry about any more confusion! I understand how challenging life circumstances can be, and I truly care about you and don’t want you to struggle in life when you should be having fun.
Using my Soul Wisdom Oracle Cards, we’ll tap right into the wisdom and guidance of your soul. Inside the portal of your soul is the seed of intuitive perception.  Together, we’ll spend 60 minutes together communicating and receiving guidance to the cosmic voice of your soul, which is the direct pathway that will guide you towards your heroic destiny.
What You Will Receive:
  • 60 Minute Live Soul Reading
  • Access to the recording, so you can replay as often as you wish.
  • An email with the cards chosen, along with additional resources for further exploration.


You’ll receive profound insights into the divinely aligned steps you should take in the next stage of your life. Not only will we get into core issues and patterns, but also you’ll take with you proven spiritual tools and techniques to transcend the limiting blocks holding you back from achieving your heroic spiritual potential.
For your soul reading, we’ll be using my personally created energy-infused card deck. —“Reawakening the Soul Wisdom Oracle Cards.” These Wisdom Cards are available for purchase and each one has been blessed to with soul activation. I possess strong psychic intuitive abilities and extraordinary clairvoyance while connecting with Spirit to deliver the messages from your soul.
This soul deck contains divine wisdom from spiritual universal principles. In addition to the deck, there are five Elemental Cards (Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Ether) to utilize supporting energies of consciousness. You’ll receive the necessary elements needed for your alignment, and learn how to access its dynamic power to fully support you in your new direction.
1.  60 MINUTE READING. We’ll personally connect on the phone. Messages are recorded and the recording will be sent to you via email. You can listen to the recording as many times as you’d like. These readings contain deep hidden messages. Each time you hear it, you will receive more insights and understanding.
2.  Together, we’ll invoke your spirit guides and open up the portal to your soul, gaining access to your soul’s wisdom.
3.  The reading unfolds organically for your specific needs.
4.  We’ll close the sacred circle and you’ll leave with confidence, a clear focused direction, and powerful spiritual tools, techniques, and exercises to take the appropriate action steps.
I’m honored and excited to embark on a journey with you into the mystical communion of your precious soul.


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