Soul Portal

$199.00 every 6 months with a 7-day free trial

Deep relaxation is essential for transformation, alignment and soul awakening.

Do you have a challenging time relaxing? Is your mind restless or worried? Are you feeling stuck or dealing with self-sabotage? Do you feel like an emotional rollercoaster? Are you ready to connect and communicate with your soul?

If so, you’ll love this adventure! When you journey into the soul portal, be prepared to enter into a higher dimension of consciousness. Discover your mental restlessness and worry dissolve as you reprogram and rewire your mind in a positively revolutionary way. Through deep relaxation, and traveling into the depths of your soul through guided meditations, transcendental video journeys, and EFT/Tapping audio exercises—you will embark on your hero’s journey into your soul to follow your bliss.

The soul portal is your gateway to deep relaxation, inner peace, and meditation. Obtain radical transformation and soul awakening naturally. Begin your heroic soul journey and start following your bliss! 

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You’ll receive a 7-Day FREE Trial to our Online Membership Soul Portal, where you experience your Self as the Soul to enter into a higher dimension of consciousness. You’ll have total access to all of the transcendental journey’s, audios, guided meditations, along with receiving awesome tools, techniques and spiritual armor. As a paid member you’ll receive 20% OFF all products, services and events. This is a sacred place for your soul to awaken and flourish.




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