Soul Awakening Course


Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of illuminating insight, soul wisdom, and crystal-clear guidance. Be prepared to awaken the dynamic power latent within your soul and realign yourself with Spirit. Your soul is calling for you to return home, to the true alignment with your higher self—unconditional love. Now is the time to acknowledge your precious soul by listening and taking action.

Soul Awakening is where the old story ends—and a new one begins. You deserve to receive self-fulfillment while reaching your divine heroic potential.



Within your soul lies the seed of omnipresence, bliss, and intuition waiting for you to sprout your own unique Spark of the Divine—the essence that makes you truly “you.”


As you walk the path of awakening, you are given the necessary experiences and lessons that you must master for your soul’s evolution. Soul Awakening is a process of remembering your divine immortal nature and realizing the dynamic spiritual potential latent within you. If your mind, body, and spirit are out of alignment, you will not be able to access this power. If you’re out of alignment you might be experiencing symptoms such as:

  • feeling afraid, lost and alone
  • an active restless and worried mind
  • anxiety and depression
  • stagnant or stuck
  • confused
  • hopeless or doubtful
  • dissatisfaction with your life
  • highly emotional or heightened sensitivity
  • unhappy and irritable

In this seven-day course, you’ll gain a deep understanding of the soul, the ego, and different states of consciousness. We’ll explore the battle happening between your soul and ego, along with proven holistic, metaphysical tools and techniques to achieve soul victory.

By the end of this Soul Awakening Course, you’ll receive the nutritious soul food necessary to feed and keep your mind, body, and spirit harmoniously aligned. You’ll experience spiritual transformation and illuminating wisdom as you experience your new life unfolding.

You’ll also receive a free discovery call, where we will personally connect on the phone to discuss a future success plan for you.

What to expect:

  • This course is simple, flexible, and 100% email-based
  • It’s go-at-your-own-pace
  • Training videos with step-by-step instructions to help you gain control of your mind
  • Included are rituals, activities, and resources that will bring you to soul awareness
  • Guidance meditation, along with audios of guided meditation journey’s
  • Learning proven philosophical, metaphysical and psychological scientific truths
  • Understanding the universal scientific laws governing all creation
  • In-depth training on holistic spiritual tools to change your perspective

This course is designed to give you a newly expanded perception, a clearer perspective, and a new life projection. It’s where you learn how to rewrite and reprogram your mind with a new positive story.  The course training offers you an overview of the spiritual training found in the Reawakening the Soul books and will prepare you for entrance into the online soul portal.

Be prepared to have your beliefs challenged, your heart opened, and your soul nourished. If you’re ready to end suffering and choose happiness, then this course is for you! 




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