Seeker Membership


Live your OWN story as you follow the calling of your Heart through the Wisdom of Your Soul.

This membership is for Truth Seekers wanting to grow in spiritual awareness with like-minded Soul Travelers. Free Cosmic Soul Training and presentations for a deeper understanding of your immortal nature.

Enjoy a taste of Soul Awakening and come sample some Spirit! You can upgrade your membership at your own pace.

You’ll receive an invitation to join—Please note, It may take up to 24 hrs. for email.

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With access to the “Soul Tribe Hub” and training in the Awakening Chamber of Cosmic Wisdom— your state of consciousness will expand exponentially through Soul Wisdom using Spiritual Universal Laws.

Live your BEST life as you enjoy the Freedom of your birthright to be your most Creative & Authentic Self as a Soul—unhindered by stories or beliefs keeping you small. 


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