The Reawakening the Soul Portal is a sacred place where you enter into the portal of your infinite soul—to expand your human consciousness into divine consciousness.

Embark on a journey into your Soul. This Revolutionary Self-Empowerment Program is specifically designed for you to experience your true immortal nature as a soul. You’ll receive total access to all of the spiritual tools, metaphysical training, and guided meditations—plus weekly interactive online live events with Sundara. You will receive profound spiritual growth, wisdom and radical transformation—to create a whole, fresh new life.


 14 Day FREE Trial—Monthly Subscription $22.


The Innovative Self-Empowerment Program uses the science of yoga meditation, psychology, metaphysics, and philosophy—to take you on a journey into the Spirit of your Soul.

Here’s the Proven System: 

What you’ll get:

The Portal Contains In-Depth Spiritual Training for each of the 38 Soul Wisdom Oracle Cards.


Exclusive Behind-The-Scenes Training

Embark with Sundara as the artist shares her deepest secrets of the meaning and messages behind the art for the Soul Wisdom Oracle Cards. This sacred and personal information is only available through the Soul Portal. You will learn how to apply these profound insights into your life to create a space of inner peace, a quiet mind, and increased joy.


Art-Spirational—Transcendental Journeys

Meditative Mystical Journeys into the Wisdom of Your Soul.  Embark on an adventure through deep relaxation as you experience your immortal self as a soul to achieve your highest potential. You will feel a peaceful new awareness of your true self as Spirit. Awaken to profound shifts of consciousness as you travel into an entirely new dimension of awareness.

Relax … Unwind … Rewire to the Divine!

These meditative journeys are extraordinary healing visionary art designed to activate the  remembrance of your divinity. This activation rewires your spiritual DNA. These visual voyages are also great for anyone suffering from PTSD, ADHD or poor concentration. After traveling in these journeys you’ll transform PTSD into Present Time Spiritual Discovery.  

Spiritual Journey Meditations

Guided Meditation Journeys

These audios offer a journey into deep relaxation as you listen and reprogram your subconscious mind. You will enter into a deep meditative space to create profound positive changes. With a calm mind, you are able to listen to the wisdom of your soul and tap into your superconscious mind. Listening and engaging in these meditations will allow you to uncover layers of false beliefs, replacing them with accurate insight as your soul naturally awakens to the truth of your existence.


EFT/Tapping Audio Sessions

A Simple, Easy and Effective way to Remove Emotional Blocks. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or Tapping exercises allow you to release past emotional blocks, which are buried in your physical body. This highly effective exercise is simple to use and offers instant results. Tapping on the meridian points while concentrating on accepting and resolving the negative emotion(s) will release blocks, restoring your body and mind. 


Sundara Fawn

Weekly Interactive Online Live Events

Live Online Events every week, where you can ask questions and interact directly with Sundara and the other members of the group. We’ll explore the dynamic power of incorporating spiritual rituals in our everyday life utilizing the universal energies of the cosmos. Every week is a unique, fun and organic unfolding of our evolutionary souls!  


Sundara Fawn, MFA, is a world-renowned metaphysical visionary artist and author sharing her unique, personal awareness, gained by over three decades of devotion to both the creative process and to her connection with the divine. As a disciple and Kriyaban of Paramahansa Yogananda, Self-Realization Fellowship, she shares deep insights gained through the study and application of universal scientific yogic techniques.

spiritual awakening

Private Community

A Private Facebook Group where you can connect, receive support, and encouragement with other members who will create a safe space for you to grow. This is a place where  our dynamic tribe will have your back!

spiritual tools

Soul Coaching & Spiritual Armor

Incredible transformational spiritual tools and techniques that will shift your perspective as you walk upon this earth joyfully in the truth of your existence. You will learn how to use life-changing spiritual armor that will bring you out of suffering and into your blissful nature as the soul.

spiritual awakening

20% OFF! All Products, Courses & Events

As a Soul Member, you’ll receive 20% OFF all products, courses and events. You can use this coupon on the website or my Etsy Shop—which is loaded with products!  

Give Your Soul the Gift of Freedom


break free from chronic karma

Learn how to use the scientific universal forces of law to your advantage as you reform your thinking patterns.


healthy self-worth and value

You will gain confidence as you honor and share your divine gifts to receive what you deserve.


positive attitude towards life

You will rewire and reprogram your mind to put forth positive thoughts to create a life of peace and success.


transform your inner self-critic

When you change your thoughts, you will change your circumstances. You alone are responsible for your thoughts, and you can change them into positive ones.



You will step into your power as divinity in expression and do what you love—love what you do—and love who you are!


soul intuition

You will listen, trust and act appropriately to your soul’s intuition—placing you in harmonious and successful positions in life.


your freedom as an immortal soul

You will gain your freedom back as you move into the totality of   acknowledging, owning and sharing all your unique gifts.


activate your creativity

You will step into action towards your divine destiny using the dynamic power of your creative genius from your soul.

There’s an awakening happening on the planet right now and your soul is expanding to a higher plane of consciousness.

We are discovering the call of our soul’s longing to remember our divine spiritual potential and to use our unique gifts. Spiritual Warriors are rising up to obtain mastery of their minds and achieving soul victory. Fulfill the calling of your soul by expanding into the vibration of your inherent birthright—a child of God, who came here to make a difference and change the world.

 14 Day FREE Trial—Monthly Subscription $22.


You’ve got questions … we’ve got answers.

What do I get as a member of the Reawakening the Soul Portal?

As a member, you’ll receive access to all the guided meditations, spiritual tools and metaphysical training to experience the true nature of your soul. You’ll also get weekly online events with Sundara, where you can ask questions. You’ll also connect with spiritually like-minded souls in our private Facebook community, and a 20% discount on all products, events and courses.

Do I need the books in order to use the Soul Portal?

You can enjoy the deep meditations, journeys and spiritual training in the Soul Portal without the Soul Wisdom Oracle Cards or books. However, if you wish to deepen your spiritual practice, the books will offer you in-depth wisdom and guidance to achieve more amazing results.

Will the live weekly online events with Sundara be recorded and available if I'm unable to make them live?

Yes, all the calls will be recorded and archived to be watched at your convenience. 

What is the cancellation policy/How do I cancel?

There’s no time period of commitment. In the event you wish to cancel, just email us with the cancellation request and your current cycle will finish out.

How is this so cheap?

Sundara feels inspired to keep the prices low so that this content can be available to as many souls as possible—the more people we reach, the better our world will be. Plus with more souls enrolled, the cheaper it can be for everyone! So please share with your friends…the more the merrier!