Mapping Your Successful Future

Create a New Story as You Turn Your Dreams Into Reality!

A Revolutionary Plan Designed to Lead You to Success!

Strategic Workbook — Four Weeks OnLine Training

Strategic Workbook — Four Weeks OnLine Training

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"People with goals succeed because they know where they're going."

Earl Nightingale

Are you tired of watching time zip right on past you, not having time to create what you want? Do you feel a longing within you to make big changes to yourself and the world, but not doing it? Are you wanting to get more organized? 

If so…then you’ve arrived at the right place. Welcome to your new adventure! 


What You Will Learn


Awesome Goal setting techniques.


How to plan, manage, track and adjust your strategies.


Secret ingredients to manifet your desires.


Targeting, identifying and correcting distractions and diversions.


Proven metaphysical and scientific techniques that lead straight to success.


Mind mapping skills to organize your projects.

What You Will GET


Dynamic workbook with planning sheets.


Four weeks training with step-by-step instructional videos.


Motivational and inspirational updates to keep you on track.


Training on spiritual tools that lead to laser focused vision along with inner peace.


Guided meditations, EFT/Emotional Freedom exercise.


Art-Spirational/Transcendental video.


Begin setting goals the right way and develop a thorough plan to chart your roadmap to success!! “Create Life” instead of allowing life to “Create you.”  Enjoy your adventure towards living the life you were destined to live! This downloadable workbook teaches you dynamic ways of thinking, creating, and planning to target your goals.



Color and create the cover of your workbook with intention to activate your subconscious mind towards working 24/7 towards your dreams and desires!



This exercise will connect your heart and mind as you envision what you see your life to be in the highest state. You will gain clarity as to how you want your Spiritual Life, Relationships, Finances, Health, Career and Recreational Activities to be balanced.


evaluation process

This 2-step process will give you clarity in identifying the correct specific goal(s) to be achieved. After you finish the evaluation process, you will know exactly what goals to begin tackling.


strategic and tactical planning

This exercise allows you to put your strategy into action and knowing exactly “How” you’re going to achieve your goal along with “Every Step” you must take to achieve your strategy.


action planners

Worksheets designed to keep you on track with laser focused vision. You can manage, track and adjust your strategies using the Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly planners. Target, Identify and Correct the distractions, diversions, and obstacles holding you back from your goals.


daily rituals

Learn proven mindful techniques using yoga philosophy and metaphysical psychology to keep you motivated and flying forward towards your soul’s destiny.

WEEK 1 - Step-by-Step Training Towards Success

  • Instructional videos for each of the worksheets.
  • Spiritual coaching tips, strategies and course of action.
  • Using the success formula towards achievement.
  • Utilizing the power of your mind to take immediate action.

WEEK 2 - Taking Action With Powerful Intention

  • The secrets to building momentum and keeping motivated.
  • Combating and re-directing distractions, diversions and obstacles.
  • How to celebrate your accomplishments.
  • Art-Spirational video to keep you “Fired Up!”

WEEK 3 - Turning Obstacles Into Opportunities

  • How to ride the energetic wave with power, ease and flow.
  • Learn the power from using rewards for motivation.
  • How to keep on track with intention.
  • EFT/Tapping exercise  and audio meditation to bust through blocks!
  • Achieving victory with dynamic will power!

WEEK 4 - Believing in Yourself

  • Obtaining the secrets of the power of decision.
  • Tracking your progress of accomplishment
  • How to take control of your life with a loving attitude.
  • Organizing and planning to keep moving up towards your desired goal
  • Never giving up . . . no matter what happens in life!

"Let nothing weaken your conviction that you can be whatever you want to be. There is no one obstructing you unless it be yourself."

Paramahansa Yogananda

Did You Know That . . .

92% of people fail within the first year of setting their goals!

25% of people don’t even make it past the First Week!

Only 3% of people write down their goals and this 3% make MORE Money than the 97% who don’t.

And the 97% work for the 3% … literally creating someone else’s dreams!

The 1% who write goals down and regularly review them are among the Highest Achievers! 

So, the Question is . . .

Are You Ready to Become the 1% ??