Do you ever get the feeling that you’ve lost a part of yourself in a relationship from being disrespected…and your energy is depleted from this distracting disturbance?

If so, then you are at a turning point, where your soul is awakening and calling you back home towards your Divine Self. At a deep level you know intuitively that you are worthy of more . . . more love, honesty, respect, reciprocity—and you are right! 

However, like many awakening empaths, you may also feel overwhelmed by this calling and uncertain about the steps you need to take to release this vibrational magnetic attachment and bonding between you and another.

I also suspect you’re experiencing a confusing and frustrating gap between the rich possibilities and worthiness you know you deserve, and the chaotic disharmony you’ve been experiencing.

For example, perhaps you…

• Feel somewhat confused or dejected in spite of being a conscious, committed, and caring person who has worked on self-improvement for many years.

• Find yourself over-giving and over-doing, feeling exhausted by the myriad demands upon you, then finding you have no time left to give to yourself.

• Long for deeper, more authentic communication with others, where your voice is heard and respected rather than feeling ignored.

• Feel alone and under-supported to bring forth the equilibrium required from the contribution of both parties.

• Yearn for healthy, positive relationships that match your passion for life, along with sharing your values, morals and vision to create a peaceful world.

• Are deeply disturbed by the narcissistic abuse you feel from another, yet feel overwhelmed, baffled and powerless to take action.

• Feel like your boundaries are not being respected and want to leave the relationship, but feel obligated or determined to make it right, convinced that you can change someone.

If you’re having any of these experiences or yearnings, the good news is that you’re not alone. Most awakening empaths are feeling this way.

It was certainly my own personal experience before I discovered how to access the potential of my soul’s power and learn how to value myself. You see, how we treat ourselves is how others treat us. This concept may seem uncomfortable when you first hear it, but unfortunately it’s true.   

Here’s the awesome news



break free from chronic karma

Learn how to fully love yourself, establish healthy boundaries, build your self-esteem, value, and know your worth!



By eliminating old beliefs, conditioning and patterns in your energetic field achieving radical transformation.


gain victory over narcissist & toxic people

By expanding your soul consciousness, where your vibration will not attract these negative energies.


reclaim your sanity

Step into your confidence, power and voice by Reawakening your Soul to discover your Authentic Dynamic Immortal Self. 



Honor your own feelings, knowing you are not responsible for how others will react emotionally. 


transform your inner self-critic

When you change your thoughts, you will change your circumstances. You alone are responsible for your thoughts, and you can change them into positive ones.  

Your Freedom is Just a Phone Call Away…

I’m here to help you integrate the necessary wisdom, healing and mindset you need, so you will never be a target for narcissist abuse ever again. You’ll learn how to implement a dynamic skillset and approach that will repel all negative toxic energy. If you would like more information, please click below for a Free 20 minute phone consultation and I’ll explain how this revolutionary program will work for you.

As a Visionary Artist and Spiritual Scientist, through my own journey towards truth, I’ve created an Innovative Self-Empowerment Program specifically designed for you to experience your Authentic Higher Self as the Soul. This Program uses experimental yoga psychology, metaphysics, and philosophy, to take you on a journey into Spirit to expand your consciousness.

Here’s the Proven System: 

This is What’s Included in the Program:


Course Materials

When you enroll, you’ll receive my Soul Wisdom Oracle Cards, Exploration Guidebook for Self-Discovery, and the Vision Quest Coloring Workbook. You will be using these course materials that are interrelated to the online portal for an everlasting journey of a lifetime! You will realize your potential as an immortal soul to live your destiny and raise your vibration.

You’ll also receive exclusive access to the online Portal, which offers revolutionary spiritual training for radical transformation and profound growth.

Soul Wisdom Oracle Cards

Each day throughout the course, we’ll be using the Soul Wisdom Oracle Cards, which contain Universal Principles. In the Portal you’ll have access to all the videos and audios pertaining to the card. You’ll gain a new perspective through wisdom and understanding as you practice the principle in your daily life.

Exclusive Behind-The-Scenes Training

Embark with Sundara on a personal journey into your soul through understanding the profound wisdom behind each universal principle found in the 38 Oracle Soul Wisdom Cards. This sacred and personal information is only available through these training videos as the artist shares her deepest secrets of the meaning and messages found within the art. You’ll learn how to apply these profound insights into your life to create a space of inner peace, a quiet mind and increased joy.


Art-Spirational Relaxation Videos

38 Art-Spirational Transcendental Videos corresponding to each of the Soul Wisdom Cards. Take a Journey into the Wisdom of YOUR Soul! These dynamic videos will allow you to experience a peaceful new awareness of your true self as Spirit. Offering profound shifts of consciousness as you travel into your soul utilizing your own unique stories.

Relax … Unwind … Rewire to the Divine!

These transcendental videos are extraordinary Healing Visionary Video Art. Channeled throughout each video holds the activation helping you to remember that you are Divine, therefore allowing you to achieve your highest potential. This activation expands your consciousness to a higher frequency, repelling negative toxic energy. This vibration aligns your soul back to your Creator – Your Divine Self.

Spiritual Journey Meditations

Guided Meditations - Audios

These audios allow you to relax, listen and rewire your subconscious mind through softly guided meditations. You will enter into a deep transformational journey to create profound positive changes. With a relaxed and clear mind, you are able to step into your power to reclaim your freedom. Included are self-analysis questions and healing affirmations to bring you into alignment. Listening to these meditations, will help you to uncover layers of distorted perceptions and beliefs as your soul reawakens to the truth of your existence.


EFT/Tapping Audio Sessions

A Simple, Easy and Effective way to Remove Emotional Blocks. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or Tapping exercises allow you to release past emotional blocks, which are buried in your physical body. This highly effective exercise is simple to use and offers instant results. Tapping on the meridian points, while concentrating on accepting and resolving the negative emotion(s) will release blocks, restoring your body and mind. 


One-On-One Private Phone Consultations

We’ll work hand-in-hand as I guide you every step of the way towards achieving your goals. Every week we’ll connect to be sure you are staying on top of the game. I’ll give 100% of all that I’ve got in order for you to become a dynamic Empathic Warrior to achieve victory! 


Sundara Fawn, MFA, is a world-renowned metaphysical visionary artist and author sharing her unique, personal awareness, gained by over three decades of devotion to both the creative process and to her connection with the divine. As a disciple and Kriyaban of Paramahansa Yogananda, Self-Realization Fellowship, she shares deep insights gained through the study and application of universal scientific yogic techniques.

Sundara Fawn
spiritual awakening

Weekly Virtual Webinar & Community Support

It’s critical that you have a healthy support system to validate your reality, encourage, and empower you to stand in your truth. We’ll meet on a weekly basis to cover all material and questions. This is a place where you’ll feel safe and supported as our dynamic tribe will have your back!

Soul Coaching, Spiritual Tools and Techniques

Incredible transformational coaching videos that will shift your perception as you walk upon this earth joyfully in the truth of your existence. You will learn how to use life-changing spiritual armor that will bring you out of suffering and into your blissful nature as the soul.

spiritual tools

After the 8-Week Empathic Warrior Course You Will Achieve:


Wisdom and understanding of your situation

You will comprehend the energetic karmic attraction of your circumstances and take the necessary actions to correct them. 


healthy self-worth and value

You will feel your importance and usefulness of your divine gifts to achieve what you deserve.  


dynamic self-esteem and confidence

You will gain control to make decisions aligned with your higher-self as a soul and step into the happiness you deserve. 


positive attitude towards life

You will rewire and reprogram your mind to put forth positive thoughts to create a life of peace and success.  


nurturing self-care and self-love

You will love and honor yourself as divinity in expression, and naturally take care of your own emotional, spiritual and physical needs. 


trusting your intuition

You will listen, trust and act accordingly to your soul’s intuition, placing you in harmonious and successful positions in life. 


your freedom as an immortal soul

You will gain your freedom back as you move into the totality of owing, using, and acknowledging all your unique gifts.


be an empathic warrior

You will step into action towards your divine destiny knowing the dynamic power of your capability with faith, confidence and wisdom.

Are You Ready To Become A Empathic Warrior?

You Will Need The Following Qualifications…

To have an open mind and spirit of inquiry.

Be ready to release victim consciousness to reclaim your power.

You hold yourself 100% accountable.

Be committed to executing the spiritual work needed for success.

Participate and practice using the Spiritual Armor daily.

Can you make yourself this promise?

“I am prepared to challenge my old models of reality if they do not serve me, in order to remember my True Immortal Soul Nature as Spirit.”

If your answer is YESThe next step is to sign up below.  

The divine brought you here, and I look forward to embarking on this mystical  journey with you!

This Course Will Be Offered Again In the Future.

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Sundara Fawn’s approach to “dreaming this dream”called life is phenomenal. She takes you on an adventure into your soul through her creative books, oracle wisdom cards, video art and spiritual tools. Her fun and innovative self-empowerment program, Reawakening the Soul, guides you into a step-by-step journey to experience truth for yourself. I highly recommend this imaginative program!

Marcia Wieder

Founder, Dream University and Best-Selling Author