Eliminate Toxicity to Illuminate Wholeness

Are you feeling a bit stagnant, perplexed with little to no initiative to move forward? You don’t quite feel like your high-spirited self, which leaves you feeling somewhat empty.

Do you feel like you are on a roller coaster, flipping all around and up and down from the drama in your life?

Have you found yourself surrounded by toxic people who drain your energy and leave you feeling confused or unbalanced?

Or maybe you find yourself in a unhealthy relationship feeling disrespected, mistreated or attacked by another.

Throughout the course of your life, have you experienced attracting certain individuals who demand your attention, energy and your loving light? It feels great at the beginning, because you feel you have a purpose, you feel needed, and you’re pleasing another. But after time the load begins to feel heavy and it starts to weigh you down—maybe even sucking the life force out of you. You find yourself giving and caretaking others, but neglecting your own needs. 

Many of us have been ingrained at a very young age not to be selfish. We’re taught to give, serve, please, and prove that we are good. We were taught that “kids were meant to be seen and not heard.” Therefore, closing us down to speak our truth out of fear of being punished. We haven’t learned how to be authentic to ourselves by saying “NO” to others and “YES” to ourselves.

Self-love is NOT selfish. We need to take care of ourselves first, because this will give us the energy needed to give others.

Loving and caring for ourselves consists of valuing ourselves and knowing we are worthy to receive reciprocity in order to create solid, loving and healthy relationships.

Throughout our lives, our minds absorb and try to process all the information recorded by our conditions, circumstances and beliefs around our physical experiences. All this information collectively accumulates in our subconsciousness mind. But unfortunately, many things are distorted due to not having enough wisdom at that time to process them correctly. We falsely believe this is our identity.

There are many things in our life, that poison our peace and the simple act of regular purification will rid them, allowing us to experience the joy of our souls.

The main culprit lies right within our own minds. Yep—our inner self-critical thoughts that were programmed unconsciously by us that play over and over again, whether we are aware of it or not.

All of this accumulates, which makes up the state of your current consciousness, or your rate of vibration. Just, like anything in life—things get dirty. Your energetic field of consciousness just needs some clearing.

As you cleanse and expand your spiritual consciousness to attract positive vibrations in your life, you will purify, manifest and illuminate wholeness. Therefore experiencing your universal cosmic connection. 

Following are six ways to polish up your diamond soul and shine in contentment and happiness.

“Purification—to cleanse the heart, mind and body to reflect the perfection of your soul”

~ Sundara Fawn

Message from the Purification Soul Wisdom Oracle Card
6 Ways to Purify, Manifest and Illuminate Wholeness

#1. Purifying Your Beautiful Soul
Purification requires regular, deep cleanses of your heart, mind and body. It also requires clearing your personal space and physical space often. This process doesn’t just happen by itself; it needs your time, consistent awareness, and most of all, your patience. Once you begin the purification process, you will experience instant clarity and feel a positive difference.

Your soul is perfect and reflects Universal Light. From each life you’ve experience, layers of beliefs and patterns have accumulated, shrouded your soul, covered your essence and dimmed your light. Your important task while you journey this earth is to remember that you are a pure reflection of God and set yourself free from the layers shrouding your light. The key to doing this is self-realization through reawakening your soul. Self-realization helps you to uncover the layers and rid yourself of the false, limiting beliefs that do not serve you. While some of the layers may be painful or uncomfortable to address, this is an important step to help you reflect the perfect light of the Infinite Spirit and help your soul’s light burn the brightest.

#2 Purifying Your Mind
In order to purify your mind you must have awareness of every thought and belief that you have. Everything you believe to be true is the foundation of how you perceive yourself and the world around you. Your thoughts about yourself manifest in your reality, including all of the negative ones.

In order to change your reality, be conscious of your negative thoughts and change them. Everything that you are currently experiencing in life is where your thoughts have led you. Take some time to analyze the life you’ve been given. Step back and truly look at your life. How do you feel? Is your life unfolding peacefully? Are you filled with joy?

Your life’s story is written based on your thoughts, but you can edit it. If you’re not happy with your life, it’s time to recreate it by thinking more positively, aligning your energy with the perfection of Spirit, and learning to move forward with passion and purpose.

#3 Purifying Your Heart
Your heart cannot hold unconditional love until it’s been purified. When you love the Divine and yourself, you surrender into the trust that true love brings. Spending time in silence helps you to remember who you truly are and unite with Spirit. Learn to forgive everyone who has harmed or hurt you, along with forgiving yourself and all those whom you may have harmed or hurt. 

#4 Purifying Your Body
Your body is a sacred temple that houses your soul. Having a pure, healthy body will brighten your soul’s light. To have a pure, healthy body, it should be free of toxic foods and substances. Be sure to exercise in fresh air regularly, along with grounding with the elemental earth to maintain bodily inflammation and to stay connected with positive energy. 

#5 Purifying Your Physical Space

Your physical space includes your living space and work space. Do you have broken things laying around that should be thrown out? Do you have things in your closets, cabinets or desk drawers that you don’t use? Is your desk cluttered? Are weeds taking over your garden? Purify your physical space by clearing away things that aren’t needed.

#6 Purifying Your Personal Space

Personal space includes the people you spend time with. It is important to set clear, healthy boundaries and have balanced relationships with people that are healthy for you. Personal space also includes your energy field. Explore every aspect of your energy field and clean it up to reflect your soul. When you clean your energy field, you start attracting other like-minded people that align with your positive energy. Your positive energy leaves you feeling alive and energized. 


How can I become more pure in my body, mind, heart and surroundings?

Are my thoughts, beliefs and actions pure?


I know that my soul is the perfection of God and I claim that perfection.

This blog was taken from an excerpt from my Exploration Guidebook and the card from my Soul Wisdom Oracle Card deck. If you enjoyed reading this, please feel free to check out more inspiration.

Keep Shining … ~Sundara

Please share in the comments below, the first action step you will take towards purifying your Soul Temple. I’d love to hear what it is!