Earth Element — Mother Nature

Call upon the earth’s precious resources and anchor yourself with grounding energy. The feminine energies of Mother Earth are adaptable and flexible and can be called on for inspiration and creativity.

Earth Element is the great balancer of your mental, emotional and physical energies, which is why there is so much green on our planet. Your body consists of approximately 12% of the Earth Element.  Breathe in the sweetness from your blessed Mother Earth, for you are her child. Remembering your Mother’s caress keeps you feeling nurtured, supported and safe. Call upon her energy and remember to feel her presence. Let her revitalize your physical, mental and emotional state.

Every day, take off your shoes and ground with her energy for Earth is your source of stability. The Earth pulls your negative energy out and radiates positive light back to you. Recharge your soul with nature’s spirit; walk in a forest or in luscious garden to connect. Her magnetic life force is necessary for your spiritual nourishment.

Elemental Earth is ruled by the direction of the North, the ending of life, and winter. North is a place to go deep within yourself, to hibernate, meditate and feel your connection in unity with your Earth Mother. For it is in this place where you draw upon your intuition by silencing your mind.

North is the place to obtain wisdom and knowledge. Elemental Earth of the North is the place of sleeping and dreaming, solitude and spiritual introspection. Connect with Spirit and commune with the unseen worlds. It is the place of the night, winter and where you go to receive guidance.

Earth nurtures and sustains you, providing you with living food. A place where you quiet your actions, activity and mind and draw upon the wisdom of your blessed soul. Give thanks to the bounty of nourishment from Elemental Earth.

“And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.”

~ Khalil Gibran

Soul Wisdom Oracle Card Symbology

The figure sits upon the lotus flower of wisdom in deep introspection with the root chakra harmoniously connected to the Earth’s vibration. Surrounded by nature and rooted like the large tree beside her, she draws upon the guidance and wisdom of Earth. Spirit Below, Mother Earth, beautiful and spontaneous, ever-changing. She is always in motion, never the same from one moment to the next. Surrounded by the color green, which symbolizes growth and hope with the anticipation of things to come. Green is also rejuvenating and nurturing as it revitalizes us when we are physically, mentally or emotionally exhausted.


Do I spend enough time in solitude to receive guidance and wisdom?

How can I spend more time connecting to Earth energy to feel more grounded and centered?

Am I willing to learn how to completely stop my mind and connect more deeply with Spirit?


I receive support and connection from the element of Earth. 

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This blog was taken from an excerpt from my Exploration Guidebook and the card from my Soul Oracle Card deck. If you enjoyed reading this, please feel free to check out more inspiration.

Keep Shining … ~Sundara