As this is the last full moon for this year, it’s the perfect time to harness this magical energy and set clear intentions for the creation and birth of our future cycle.

The divine cosmic grace and special vibrations of Christ-love emanate from the higher realms, permeating your receptive consciousness. The astral energies are dynamically charged right now, and when we align and unite through love—we will “move mountains” towards building a newly balanced organic foundation—a new parallel society my Guru Paramahansa Yogananda speaks about; the creation of “The United States of the World,” as ordained by God.

With Divine Mother Nature blessing all of Creation, She is holding the space and silently guiding us through our hearts intuition.

During this blessed holy season, let us remember, experience and feel the true presence of Jesus, the Spirit residing in our soul’s consciousness—through our love for Him and the love of the Absolute Truth.

Jesus was not sent to us to symbolize an unattainable goal. He came as a living inspiration, demonstrating what we al may successfully seek and achieve.” ~Paramahansa Yogananda

As all the Great One’s in the astral heavens are celebrating these mystical and magical times—why not join in the celebration of the birth of the Christ Consciousness living within you!

Welcome to the Great Awakening—the Awakening through expansion towards the birth of your Cosmic Consciousness, and the Reawakening of your Soul!

Below is the Soul Reading for this new cosmic cycle. I drew two cards from my Soul Wisdom Oracle cards, and two from “Tarot of the Spirit” by Pamela Eakins. I also chose a message from from Paramahansa Yogananda’s “Para-Grams” deck.


Know, will, dare and keep silent; you possess and wield the tools of magical change; you are a visionary, using your conscious positive thoughts as the mystical wand to creation. The secret is to remember your true essence as pure potential—Spirit! Open your eyes and welcome all the magic appearing in your life.

You hold every key to create change, you have all the resources you need—but only if you operate through focused action. Be ready to create your world in the image of your choosing. As the master of dynamic will power, expanded perception, you possess the motivating energy at the center of the Wheel of Fortune, which is the circle of life.

Magic is Believing in Yourself!


Ignite the fire of spirit and drink from the cup of limitless light. Fire is flaming, wild, raw and violent; the will in you, your spirit, your will power, your spirited ways, the will to live, the spark of life, forever searching, trying to make connections to a higher form.

Fire is the energy of the superconsciousness of the South representing intense and keen personal energy, the force and raw drive of the soul. Use this element to motivate you into taking action towards your divine destiny.

Like fire, your energy heats, destroys, purifies, and lights. Allow fire to energize your dreams and visions. Allow the flames to burn away limiting beliefs to open the gateways and fuel your zeal for life. If there’s anyone you need to forgive, now is the time to release, burn and set free any stagnant energy.  Fire energy brings passion and action to manifest your desired outcomes for your future.

The amount of the fire energy you choose to use, the more you create!


Build a firm base of clear knowledge; do not become too rigid; remain open and lucid; to retain control, know and serve a higher force; build your world in beauty and light; do not forget that the Emperor remains Emperor because he has a global sense of things that others do not necessarily possess, yet he will be overthrown if he does not serve his constituents: to remain in power, use your insight and serve those around you. Retain your power of initiative through offering yourself in service. The outcome depends on how well you “serve” your subjects.

Because the Emperor understands the nature of structure so well, he knows what can and cannot be controlled. His success is based on possessing the ability to change that which is changeable, to accept that which cannot be changed and the wisdom to know the difference between the two. This is the key to the Emperor’s wisdom working through you.

Once your sight is clear with the vision of your divine duty, it’s time to speak your truth through your vision. For those who have eyes to hear, this is the way of the word. In truth, you utter your Self by the way you see. Remain pure in heart as the true gain comes through surrender.


Having learned that the answer to your question lies within, surrender to faith; be innocent, remain innocent; take great pleasure in your childlike qualities; experience the world as if you are seeing it for the first time; you are taken care of in all ways.

Through the trials of loving, you have gained a quiet internal strength. This strength will sustain you through the difficult times on your journey. The greatest things in life do not come easily—they require commitment and perseverance. Faith is latent within your soul.

This is the time to trust and have faith like a child. Open to learn, and stand balanced between all the planes or dimensions of existence: action, emotion, thought, body and spirit. In standing balanced, you are attuned to divine purpose. In balance, you stand in beauty and unity to experience your universal cosmic connection. This is the key to walking in the way of the light. Having a clear conscience is the key to healing and health.

A “Para-Gram” by Paramahansa Yogananda

You can begin your march toward freedom from the fear of death by ceasing to be attached to the duties of the body: eating, sleeping, exercising, and so on. Perform your duty to the body with joy but with nonattachment. More and more you will realize this truth, that man is a soul, but has a body; you will no longer dread parting with the fleshly garment. Attachment to the body is a self-inflicted torture brought on by ignorance. Death gives new roles to actor-souls so that they may play in new dramas on the stage of life. The sage who has developed his inner spiritual sight knows that the cessation of earthly life gives man a new beginning in another, supernal life.


 I now choose to feel my true essence as the Spirit of Love.