Okay, you might be feeling a bit skeptical or incredulous at the moment just thinking about the possibility of facing your fear. Yet, there’s another part of you, the soul warrior that knows the great spiritual rewards received from victory of truth.

There’s this inner battle, a dialog playing in your mind, debating and going back and forth creating all kinds of narratives. One side of the mind story (ego) is scared to death to take action and move forward, in fear of her identity and safety being threatened. If she moves forward, she risks death of the “old story.”  The story she’s protecting feels perceivably comfortable, safe, familiar—“it’s been around for a long, long time,” something she’s been holding onto tightly.

However, your soul story is speaking to you intuitively, as you sense her calm presence and power in your heart. She’s directing you through your dreams, passions and your longing for truth. Your soul’s desire to fulfill your divine mission is burning on fire to conquer and overcome any tests and trials when it comes to returning back home to Spirit. 

The fear you face, is the dragon. And the self-critical mind tends to feed this dragon with the food of self-doubt and powerlessness, only making it grow bigger and appear more dangerous than it actually is.

When we have gratitude for everything that is happening to us, knowing each condition that confronts us is the next stage of our spiritual unfoldment, we begin receiving them as a blessed opportunity to expand our consciousness for our souls evolution.  

Yes, fear does exist, but it can only have a grip on us only if we choose to allow it to possess power over us. We have a three choices: (1) We can Fight(2) Take Flight(3) Overcome it 

Look fear in the face and it will cease to trouble you”

~ Swami Sri Yukteswar

Through meditation, the great yogi’s have mastered the skill of overcoming fear by being centered in the changless Spirit, untouched by the delusion of fears existence. They stand up to what’s causing them fear and face their difficulties, instead of running away from it. They have learned to become the master of their minds, and so can you! You alone are responsible for your thoughts, and you alone can change them.  It just takes wisdom, determination, action, and perseverance.  That’s all you have to do is to decide. You can choose to use positive affirmation to change your consciousness, meditate, and take instant action on one doable step at a time. 

I believe in you and I know you can do it! 

I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.”

~ Nelson Mandela

Message from “Courage” Soul Wisdom Oracle Card
“Have the faith to take action, knowing that all perceived obstacles are only opportunities.”

Courage is born when you identify and confront your fears in order to take action and move forward. When you remember your true Divine self, your fears will disappear before your eyes. With absolute faith in your Creator and knowing that you are created as an image of God, fear cannot exist.

Fears come in many sizes, shapes and forms. Remain authentic to your feelings and stand in your truth by honoring yourself at all times. Become comfortable saying the word “no” when healthy boundaries are needed. Remember that you do not have to explain yourself. Sometimes the phrase “I choose not to” or a simple “No” is the only statement necessary.

When you reflect upon your current life situations and take action to make changes, it is natural for fears to arise. Changes are necessary to reduce the presence of conflict and bring your actions into alignment with your true purpose. For some individuals, just the thought of change can create fear. It is important that you are living a balanced, harmonious life. If you feel your life is out of balance, adjustments need to be made that may require courage.

Become aware of the deepest convictions burning in your heart. Take appropriate action to manifest these dreams into reality. These necessary actions are needed for the birth of your dreams. As you act powerfully, you will feel a constant flame of strength burning inside you. With each act of courage, the flame grows brighter. By listening to your heart, you are being guided to the truth. Even though the messages you receive may bring discomfort, having the courage to listen and act on your inner voice removes all barriers. Develop and strengthen your relationship with God and know that you are never alone. It is through faith that courage becomes a natural part of your being and dissolves all perceived obstructions.

You will often make your greatest spiritual progress when you are faced with tremendous obstacles. In challenging times, Spirit will force you to exercise your inner strength and courage to achieve your maximum potential. Align your personal will with Divine will and you can rise above any challenge. As you succeed, you strengthen your personal will power. Your success depends greatly upon how you perceive the experiences that come to you. Observe your experiences from a place of being a witness. Remain emotionally non-attached in order to respond consciously instead of reacting to situations that arise. This strategy brings you much peace. All incidences are created by your thoughts and are specifically designed for your own growth. Hold on tight to the loving hand of God, for you gain the strength and courage to withstand fear.

Have the courage to leap, knowing that a “net” will appear. Dare to dive into your dreams with strength, trust and faith, letting go of all expectations as to how you envision the net. This symbolic net does not appear until you leap. If you wait for the assurance of the illusion of a safety net before leaping, you may find yourself never taking a chance or waiting longer than necessary to move forward. Sometimes you may leap and fall to the ground. The pain that you endure is serving its purpose, as the ground may very well be the net. What is this net? The illusory net symbolizes whatever experiences are necessary to assist you in your spiritual growth. Know that however the net happens to appear, it will be perfect for you. It’s better to leap than to stay stagnate. Do not allow your personal will to become paralyzed. Refuse to stand still or let anything stop you from taking the next step towards your dreams.

Please share in the comments below, how you will take action towards overcoming one of your fears. Your comments will inspire others to do the same. 


What am I afraid of?

What time in my life did I act braver than I ever dreamed I could?

How would my life look if I had the courage to make all necessary changes to live my dream?


I walk this journey with faith, strength and courage, because I know that I am SPIRIT.

This blog was taken from an excerpt from the Exploration Guidebook and the card from my Soul Wisdom Oracle Card deck. Begin your adventure today!

Keep Shining … ~Sundara