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The Spiritual Journey is Hard—We Make it Fun & Worth It!

There’s no doubt about it, life can feel really challenging. We have our ups and downs and moments of utter confusion about our souls purpose here on earth.  Distractions bombard us, pulling our precious time away from doing what we were destined to do. And then we have to navigate through the chaotic energy from worldly drama created by the ignorance of mankind as it profusely haunts us.

During times of such uncertainty and unpredictability it’s easy to get sucked up into the vortex of the most serious and fear-generating emotions generated within the collective consciousness. 

But there’s good news—our souls intuitively know that the death of the ‘pseudo normal’ is necessary for our birth into a new cosmic normal. As we are ascending into a higher evolutionary cycle, the veils of delusion are lifting and exposing our current dysfunctional systems.

In this new paradigm shift, our souls are awakening and beckoning us to become a part of the creation of a new parallel society—one in alignment to the Spiritual Universal Laws of our Cosmic Creator, with the core underlying foundation being LOVE! 

As love holds everything in creation together, we are here to use our divine soul spark, shining & creating through Love Alone.

“There is no way that this world is going to change through politics, through “isms.” The only way that the world is going to change is when individuals change, when God is allowed to come back into His own world. He created it. He put Himself within each one of us, and then mankind put Him first of all out of the heart, then out of the mind, and now out of the world. But as He lives even within a few, that is a tremendous power. That is the power of God living within YOU!”

~Sri Mrinalini Mata

Our Soul Community attracts the few of us with a burning desire to know and feel the power of our Creator pulsating through every fiber of our being. We have a propelling heart encouraging us to strengthen our character and to reach our fullest spiritual potential. We have the soul wisdom to strive in learning new perspectives to gain the awareness that there’s a lot we don’t know and that a lot of what we think we know is distorted or wrong. And most of all—we have a deep yearning to know the living God within us, and to feel the proof of the existence of God for ourselves. We develop an intimate loving relationship with our Mother, Father God, and use our soul power to shine a NEW Divine Light into the cosmos!

Reawakening the Soul Community uses the universal principles found in the Soul Wisdom Oracle Cards as guidance on our journey. We deepen our understanding in the Cosmic Spiritual Laws we are living & operating with. And we use our new perspectives through participating fully alive in this cosmic game as we view it as a dream experience. We become the conscious dreamer, dreaming this dream projected from God as Spirit. And gradually we realize we ARE Spirit in action, reclaiming our Divine inheritance as Immortal Souls.

As we all practice ‘acting out’ & ‘playing out’ our divine role on this cosmic earth plane, we realize we’ve all been fooled in one way or another. But we get right back up, shake ourselves off—and move forward in developing our character. We build our character in the course of our inner confrontation, the struggle against our own perceived weakness. As we learn new ways to become the master of our minds through soul awareness, life becomes adventurous, mystical and fun!

Everything in nature needs friction to grow. Struggle is natural for the soul’s evolutionary journey, but it doesn’t have to be so difficult and lonely trying to do it all by yourself. You weren’t meant to travel alone on your spiritual path. You can ease this tension dramatically by joining forces with others who share your value system with a heart-centered common goal—Free Spirits who yearn to make a difference!

Adventure and co-create with other visionaries while Reawakening Your Soul as you become a conscious active participant in this Cosmic game where you play with Soul Power. 

Let’s bring forth the tremendous power of God living within us—where magic comes alive!


We have self respect & hold ourselves accountable. We take full responsibility for the creation of our lives. We transform & step into our Divine Power.

At Reawakening the Soul, we’re proud to build a place where spiritual growth, connection and long lasting relationships are formed.

Our Soul Tribe Community is home for growth-minded souls motivated by reaching their highest spiritual potential, living alive and on purpose, committed to self-discovery, willing to do the work, and eager to practice and play here on earth while utilizing divine spiritual laws.

All soul journeys are unique, but they can all benefit from things like:  


Cutting Edge Spiritual & Metaphysical Wisdom


Mastering the Mind


Interactive & Creative Collaborations


Access to Proven Scientific Tools, Techniques & Life Skills


Playing & Advancing with Heart-Centered Souls

Finding value from these experiences is only possible when the culture providing those experiences is spiritually rooted in a most sacred quality—safety.

Above All, It’s Safe Here


A Safe Place

A safe place to speak, ask questions, experiment with ideas, and grow with trusted souls feeling perfectly accepted and embraced with compassion.


motivated team players

Flow harmoniously towards psychological victory with a team of highly concentrated Free Spirits encouraging and supporting you along the way.


focused & fun environment

Being energetically charged with a vibrant surge of laser focused Big Game Changers and players uniting life forces creating a solid foundation environmentally filled with love, strength, and lots of laughter!


Relationship building

Uniting with kindred spirits leads to new friendships and reinforces your conviction to succeed.


make new discoveries

Expand your consciousness in a nurturing ecosystem filled with love and wisdom as you discover and express your true immortal nature.


Honoring all walks of life

Whether you’re starting a new life-venture, exploring your potential, expanding your healing business or wanting to be a force of goodness within the world—this global community is your companion that will motivate you to rise-up to your highest spiritual potential.

A magical place where awakening souls jumpstart their spiritual and creative endeavors, make new discoveries, rejuvenate, relax, and artistically Create a New Life.  


It’s all about Community

Reawakening the Soul is all about Community—living your OWN story and following the calling of your Heart.

Through connection, heart centered sharing, rising from challenges together and celebrating our wins—belonging within Community encourages us to blossom into our True Soul Nature.

We explore ways to live our best lives, the freedom to be our most creative & authentic selves—all the while making the world more beautiful.

Through Community we feel nourished, supported, accepted, and discover we are part of something much LARGER than we’ve ever imagined. 

We Belong. We Heal. We Thrive. Because we develop an intimate relationship with our Creator through meditation, conscious communion, and awareness.

Community gifts us the courage to BE BRAVE. Brave enough to follow our Soulful yearnings, challenge everything we once believed about ourselves, and ultimately be who we truly are—dynamic immortal souls.

We discover that when we shine our inner-flame brightly, we create the world we desire to live in—Harmoniously Balanced with Natural Beauty, living in rhythm with Mother Nature and Father Spirit!

With the ending of old destructive systems comes the time for visionaries to build new regenerative systems respecting Mother Earth’s resources and understanding God is All in All (GIAIA). It’s also the perfect time for us to create a New Attitude towards life.

We are all stewards on earth, sovereign souls, spirit in action—awakening to a new vision. And when we unite through community WE Awaken and Reawaken!

Don’t ask what the world needs.
Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it!

Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.

~ Howard Thurman

Why Join?

If you are an awakening soul, creative, curious, intuitive, visionary or healer who yearns for truth and to make a difference—our Awakening Soul Community welcomes YOU!

A sacred space where we can gather, learn from one another and share our visions and dreams. By joining our Community, you receive inspiration, insights, encouragement and guidance to create a dynamic NEW LIFE.

Whether you are starting a new life-venture, exploring your potential, expanding your awareness or wanting to be a force of greatness within the world—our Soul Awakening Community is your companion that will motivate & engage you to rise-up to your fullest heroic spiritual potential.

We dive DEEP into all things mystical & magical, along with gaining wisdom from the universal spiritual laws. We deepen our relationship with our Creator as we realize we are eternally connected as Spirit. We invite in all the Great Masters and the flow of the Natural World. The radiance of our passion makes Us Come ALIVE, guiding us to move with abundant cosmic flow—with purpose & on-purpose.

Above all, we value the art of creating and living a meaningful, authentic and joyful life—unhindered by stories or beliefs that may keep us small and stagnant. If you want to live your OWN unique story following the calling of your heart and soul, you’ve arrived home!    

You’ll find a home that is intentionally highly vibrating with God’s Love—a special sacred space we co-create together through our Hearts & Souls.  It’s a moment of exploration. It’s a moment of innovation. It’s a moment of transformation, establishing deep roots to the collective Cosmos.

If you feel extra motivation to be a part of creating something special from the seed of unlimited dreams & possibility, now is the opportune moment to join.

Your trials may be heavy, may be great, but the greatest enemy of yourself is yourself! You are immortal; your trials are mortal; they are changeable; you are unchangeable. You can unleash eternal soul powers and shatter your trials. — Read more:
Your trials may be heavy, may be great, but the greatest enemy of yourself is yourself! You are immortal; your trials are mortal; they are changeable; you are unchangeable. You can unleash eternal soul powers and shatter your trials. — Read more:

Your trials may be heavy, may be great, but the greatest enemy of yourself is yourself!

You are immortal; your trials are mortal; they are changeable; you are unchangeable.

You can unleash eternal soul powers and shatter your trials.

~ Paramahansa Yogananda

When you join—

Our community is YOUR place to Reawaken Your Soul through a self-exploration journey to discover & express your true nature—an Eternal Soul. It’s a sacred space to connect, grow & thrive. Three types of memberships are offered where you can choose whatever feels right for you, even including a free one!

  • Experience sacred member gatherings and LIVE Circles where we take deep dives into inter-dimensional portals and spiritual universal laws. Move into a NEW Flow in your life and discover deeper states of joy, personal self-care, and abundance.


  • Sit back and relax as you watch Sundara’s transcendental soul journey’s in the Soul Portal, which will take you into a deep calm state of mind. In this tranquil state of consciousness you naturally reprogram your mind as you invite in a higher intelligence for intuitive guidance.


  • Read our inspirational posts, articles & videos—Receive inspiration on how to create flow in your life through the Cosmic Intelligence of Spirit and the natural world. Discover tools, tips & wisdom as you receive support to help you navigate life’s hurdles and emerge richer and stronger from the experience.


  • Enroll in a Cosmic Course with Sundara—enter a soul adventure to discover your immortal nature and rise up to any challenge. Take a vision quest journey with your tribe to awaken your creative genius genes and ignite your passions.
  • Connect with other awakening soul members through group chats, member circles, class discussions and member-to-member messaging. Experience the warmth, inspiration & upliftment that comes from being part of a Community that is wise, kind, fun, and holds its members up to be all they know/feel themselves to be. Reawakening the Soul Community is about LOVE.

  • Participate in sharing your challenges and breakthroughs or head over to the GIAIA (God Is All In All) Promised Land to experience intimate connections with awakening truth seekers, mystics, and visionaries who are creating a new parallel society in balance with Mother Nature. Enjoy sacred spaces with extraordinary soul travelers.


  • PLUS so much more. . .

Our Community is YOUR place to grow and nourish your SOUL. How you interact within the space is completely up to you—members pick and choose how they contribute, interact, however big or small.

A sacred community where you expand your human consciousness into divine consciousness

Cosmic Connection & Inspiration—

Our Reawakening the Soul Community Portal is a place to connect, listen, be seen, witnessed & heard. You choose your level of involvement and how deep you wish to dive on your Soul journey. It’s also a place to relax, ground & rejuvenate.

Meet other soul travelers, feel nourished, quell any feelings of loneliness or isolation. Allow yourself to be held and supported in your own personal healing & transformation.

Our community flows in unison with the Cosmos as we flow in harmony with Her moon cycles. living in sync with the rhythms and beats of the universe allows your life decisions, events, and ventures to flow naturally.

Setting intentions in accordance with the phases of the moons is a deeply powerful way to align with the universe—so we gather to “do our soul work” during these prime moon phases and track our journey.

The new moon represents new beginnings, where we’ll plant our seeds of intentions. As the full moon is associated with change of direction, closure, and reviewing what we’ve accomplished towards our ‘new moon intention seeds.’ we hold ourselves accountable and focused towards achieving our goals.

NEW MOON Circle—

Join Sundara LIVE each Month for her Soul Members Circle—a sacred gathering that brings soul members together to plant seeds of intentions for new beginnings throughout our New Moon cycle.

During each Circle Gathering Members receive:

  • Sundara’s intuitive Soul readings. Spirit will direct us with the energies and messages from the cards pertaining to the moon cycle. The information received will guide you throughout the month. You can use the Soul Portal for a deeper transcendental experience into each soul card, which will provide clarity & insight.  


  • Share a project you wish to begin during the cycle, your dreams, visions or intentions you will plant for the New Moon.  Or ask for advice/support in resolving a tricky moment in your life.
  • Each Circle ends with a NEW MOON Meditation & Guided Journey facilitated by Sundara, whereby we ‘plant the seeds” of our Heartfelt desires into the fertile potential of the upcoming cycle.


  • Cannot attend LIVE? Replays are available within your Membership Portal.



Join Sundara LIVE each Month for her Soul Members Circle—a sacred gathering that brings soul members together to explore, share, plant intentions & transform through our Full Moon.

During each Circle Gathering Members receive:

  • Sundara’s intuitive Soul readings. Spirit will direct us with the energies and messages from the cards pertaining to the moon cycle. The information received will guide you throughout the month. You can use the Soul Portal for a deeper transcendental experience into each soul card, which will provide clarity & insight.


  • Share your experiences & accomplishments during the cycle, your challenges/wins, synchronicities, stories of hope & beauty. Or ask for advice/support in resolving a tricky moment in your life.


  • Each Circle ends with a FULL MOON Meditation & Guided Journey facilitated by Sundara, whereby we ‘activate the intentions of our Heartfelt desires into the fertile potential of the upcoming cycle.

Soul Portal—Oracle Cards Deep Dive

Relax … Unwind … Reprogram to the Divine!

Your Cosmic Gateway to Freedom!

Take a step back from the habitual monkey-mind as you naturally reprogram your subconscious mind to experience the tranquility of your soul. 

The Soul Portal is loaded with transcendental journeys for soul expansion, EFT tapping sessions, and behind the scenes training for all 38 Soul Wisdom Oracle Cards. Over 150 videos and audio sessions for life transformation towards a purposeful adventure.

As you work with the universal principles for the specific energies of each card, you’ll radically transmute old limiting beliefs into healthy positive thoughts, creating life altering changes. 

  Includes Vision Quest Workbook for radical transformation & mapping your journey.


Reprogram & Rewire your mind with guided transformational journey’s for soul expansion—Video & Audio.


Release negative energetic blocks to move through obstacles using an easy & effective method of healing, Emotional Freedom Technique—Audio’s.


Additional information for each Soul Wisdom Oracle Card for in-depth understanding of specific energy.

Enjoy a sample video clip of the guided meditations & transcendental journey’s from the Oracle Cards.

GIAIA Promised Land—

Soul Awakening Circle—

 —Millions of Awakening Souls are aware of this ascension taking place and sense the upcoming birth of a New World, a new humanity with a deep relationship and respect for our Mother Earth, a new awakening to the realization—God Is All In All! 

And now we all get to co-create in the building of OUR new “Promised Land!”

God as Spirit lives within each of us equally, and together we will ignite our souls with truth & Love to experience the unleashing of our Eternal Soul Power!

 A monthly Soul Awakening Circle connects us through sharing our “Spiritual Awakening” during this supercharged moment in history. Seek support from fellow Soul Travelers, or share your transformation. Our throat chakras are expanding so it’s essential to speak our truth freely, naturally and openly. 

Educating ourselves on World happenings offers us the ability to think critically and make conscious choices. We have an inborn responsibility and duty to protect and save our beloved Mother Earth—the very source of our existence. 

 GIAIA Promised Land is where Posts, Articles & Videos are shared as we retrain our minds, physical body and spirit in connection to our natural world. 

  • Calibrate Your Vibration—Visit this chamber to reset, recharge and rejuvenate through frequency for cosmic alignment.
  • Health & Recipes—This space is for sharing your favorite healthy recipes, natural supplements, and anything to do with purifying our mind, body, spirit bodies.
  •  Organic • Regeneration • Sustainability—Share your favorite videos, educational & informative material so we can co-create Our New World!
  •  Psychology for a New World—A new mindset creates a new conscious world. We are in a psychological war right now, so intuitive truth felt through education is of upmost value in order to combat the fear in the collective consciousness.
  • Sharing our Awakening—Connecting, growing and transforming through safety, support and wisdom. Sharing our personal experiences without feeling judged—wholeheartedly, wild & free!
  • Visionaries Views—Home to creating and sharing visions of our promised land. No Dream is too BIG!

Cosmic Courses— 

A peek Inside our community

A Fun Experiential Soul Journey

Classes are designed to be interactive, experiential, stimulating critical thinking skills—and most of all they’re FUN!

As you receive deeper wisdom into experiencing the Cosmos as a Whole—your identity merges into the cosmic perfection of God. You become a conscious active participant in this cosmic dream creation, which is played out as a game here on earth.

When we all connect and play together, our spiritual progress grows exponentially. We take “Soul Adventures”— an expedition into the course material, circling LIVE, along with bonding together inside our virtual community.

We were created and designed to thrive during our existence, we only need to develop our soul skills. And that’s what happens here at Reawakening the Soul Community—we Strive & Thrive as we Come ALIVE!

Align & Ignite Your Spirit Body—

Come and have some fun while you practice a new conscious way of “participating” with the energy field of each chakra center, igniting and uniting you to Source. It’s a game that you play every day and create some fun while you supercharge your light center body. And playing together we receive creative inspiration from one another!

Balance your chakra system on a daily basis with simple energetic exercises and meditations, proven to bring instant results. Supercharge your mind for clarity & intuition, your body for physical endurance and your spirit for cosmic energy integration.


  • Recharging Chakra Cleanse Toolkit, explaining the subtle energy centers to activate and align your spirit body. Using oils & incense blends for specific balancing enhancement.
  • Clearing & Balancing Chakras Chart—for determining how to balance underactive or overactive energy centers.
  • The 7 Chakras & Organs diagram for locating specific body energies.
  • Worksheets to track your progress on a daily and monthly basis, along with goal setting worksheets.
  • Full body Chakra alignment meditation video. 
  • Daily Chakra training and 5 min. recharging meditation video for each energy center.
  • Meditations and training for the five elemental energies; Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Ether
  • Chakra coloring sheets for relaxing fun reprogramming.  

Combat Negative Forces to Achieve Victory

In-depth training videos with spiritual armor, tools & techniques for flowing in harmony with the cosmic laws of creation. A resource guide for applying scientific laws of mind and consciousness for spiritual and material progress.

You’ll gain wisdom in developing new perspectives to view the challenges in life more accurately as you create a new attitude in which life around you beautifully reflects.

Be inspired to challenge beliefs, open your heart & step into an expanded version of yourself. Deepen your relationships, awaken your experience of abundance, heal that lingering health concern, find meaning & fulfillment in an uncertain world.

Metaphysical spiritual tools are a necessary armor these days to combat the worldly negative vibrations and yet remain calm, centered and powerful.

  • How to make peace with your mental roommates.
  • Mortal to Immortal shift of consciousness.
  • How to awaken to your soul’s potential.
  • Radical Perspectives
  • Achieving victory with the inner war.
  • Developing a relationship with God.
  • Introspection & self inquiry.
  • Transform negative, destructive thoughts into constructive positive ones.
  • How to meditate
  • PLUS much more!

There’s an awakening happening on the planet right now, and your soul is expanding to a higher plane of consciousness.


Soul Transformational Awakening

The Power of Your Soul—

Your Soul is Bliss

The natural state of your soul and being is bliss, which is tranquility in the ultimate sense. There are times when we find ourselves distracted, worried or chaotic—challenges of the moment may feel insurmountable and our nervous energy becomes exhausting. Yet the soul never loses its pure calm state of serene peace. We can consciously choose to receive our soul bliss and let go of the foolish stories being played in the theater of our minds through the act of creating new beliefs.

Our Soul Community is about dissolving our experience of separation through duality and uniting our hearts, minds & souls back to Spirit. We show up for each other—both giving & receiving, based on our individual experience of the cycle of our lives.   

Soul Intuition

Our souls are a perfect reflection of God and made in the image of Spirit. By realizing this perfection and nurturing ourselves, we lovingly reconnect to our Soul Source and realize we are perfect at this very moment. Surrendering to this divine perfection is an unfolding process similar to the lotus petals revealing its mystical bloom.

Perfect intuition sits at the seat of our soul and is always guiding us—in order to receive the messages our minds must be silenced. Yogananda sums it up, “In our silence, God’s silence ceases.”  When we withdraw our minds from this material world and enter into the silence of our soul—the direct link to God, we are guided through intuitive knowing the proper steps in life to take which flows with Spirit.

The Soul Portal is the perfect place to quiet your mind into a deeply relaxed state of consciousness to open up your brain receptors for reprogramming new positive belief systems. You’ll develop soul intuition for navigating life as you receive God’s guidance. The transcendental videos were artistically created as a bridge into a blissful silenced mind.

Belief can be converted into actual experience of God, by attunement of our human consciousness to the intuitional divine consciousness of the soul. Using spiritual tools and the science of yoga will transcend the negative energies into a higher frequency— allowing your Soul to Shine its Radiant Light! 

Having the Courage to “Show Up”

When we have the courage to show up to our unique Soul Purpose with curiosity & wonderment—our whole community thrives. We show up for the God residing in us, always ready for full expression. We honor the One Cosmic Spirit in All with heart-centered compassion and respect. This honoring is an invitation of deeper connection & wholeness as each of us are seers of a New Earth.

As a luminous spark of Spirit, a Divine Immortal Soul and a Child of God—we came to remember, realize and reawaken to our Soul’s Ultimate Potential!

On Your Mark, Get Set…GROW

Collectively Blooming Into
Eccentric Masterpieces!

Our Soul Tribe of Awakening Souls

Reawakening the Soul program is by far so much better than I ever expected! I am a very stressed out and anxious person usually. I wanted to find some way of relieving all my stress and anxiety, so I was open to almost anything.

I had NO IDEA how fantastic this course was going to be, but it changed my life in such an amazing way. The tools are some of the best and easiest ways of learning to calm yourself and ignore the stressful things.

 I personally feel that if you suffer from depression, anxiety, have health problems or just looking for some different ways to meditate and to calm yourself, I HIGHLY recommend this program!

~Kat Landry

Sundara’s approach to connecting all facets of life is phenomenal. She takes you on an adventure into your soul as you travel at your pace. The messages from the oracle cards have helped me change my perspectives to a more positive attitude. 

Her creative online courses and Soul Portal weave everything together in an easy step-by-step process.

To experience soul peace and awareness is priceless.

~Marcia Wieder, Founder, Dream University and Best-Selling Author

This is the best spiritual innovation I’ve ever experienced—truly a masterpiece of transformation and adventure into the spirit of my soul. The soul wisdom oracle cards always seem to be mysteriously accurate, and the messages are easy to apply in everyday life.

Whenever I get into a funk, I watch a guided soul journey video of the card I drew and it always pulls me right back out! I always feel rejuvenated as my energy is back to balance. These videos really work for me & I know they’ll work for others because I have an extremely over active mind!

—Jeri Antonette, OC Social Synergy





Your trials may be heavy, may be great, but the greatest enemy of yourself is yourself! You are immortal; your trials are mortal; they are changeable; you are unchangeable. You can unleash eternal soul powers and shatter your trials. — Read more:

Your trials may be heavy, may be great, but the greatest enemy of yourself is yourself! You are immortal; your trials are mortal; they are changeable; you are unchangeable. You can unleash eternal soul powers and shatter your trials. — Read more:

We are on the gameboard called life, playing and acting in a cosmic dream experience.

Together, we will Stay AWAKE in this Dream & play out our human role with the attitude of a Divine Soul.

The Cosmic Door is Wide Open for You—Come in & Play!