It’s Time to Celebrate Your Life

Many of us these days seem to keep ourselves busy, busy, busy. We’re always on the go with a million things to do on our list.

So often we forget to stop the rat race and “just be” in the eternal present moment of NOW because we’re always chasing the white rabbit.

How often do you put yourself on the calendar and commit to giving yourself a gift of something that you love to do?

I encourage you to take some time off to celebrate all your unique gifts and contributions to the world, because no one has what you have to offer! Applaud yourself for all your accomplishments. Stop and smell the fragrant aroma pervading from your soul, a fragrance that is only produced by you.

Worship every aspect that makes you who you are. Rejoice in all the ways you have contributed while here on earth.  Cheer yourself for the gifts you have given to the world: joy, compassion, smiles and acts of kindness. Praise your personality and bask in your beauty in every creative way you can imagine!  Celebrate yourself-for you are Divine!

Have gratitude for everything you created in your life, and everything you’re about to consciously create. You are the Magician of your life and your thoughts are the wand that creates your reality.

Celebrate your new awareness of realizing that you are an immortal soul here on earth to raise the consciousness of humanity and to lighten up the planet through your love.

The passionflower on this card symbolizes faith and spirituality. This exotic flower contains sacred and blessed energy and its purpose is to enhance your spiritual life.

The early Spanish conquistadors discovered passion flowers when they arrived in “New Spain.” They saw symbols of their Catholic faith in this extraordinary flower and named it after the passion of Jesus. The geometric pattern of this flower reminded them of Christ’s passion on the cross. The spiraled tendons of the plant became symbols of the lashes Christ endured; the five anthers represented his wounds; the 72 radial filaments were seen as the number of thorns on his crown; the three pistil stigmas signified the nails used in the crucifixion, as well as the holy Trinity; the ten outer petals refer to the ten apostles who did not betray or deny Christ. When the flowers draw inward after a day (the time Jesus spent on the cross), the petals do not drop—they re-close over the ovary. This symbolizes the hidden wisdom found in the mysteries of the cross, like the hidden wisdom of Jesus in the enclosed tomb.

Surrounding the passionflower is a six-circled mandala. Circles are universal symbols of the sacred Divine and the sphere with a central nucleus was the first vibration from God. These circles represent the Infinite nature of Spirit and the inclusivity of the universe. The five outer circles of the flower contain these symbolic keywords: wholeness, cycles, centering, initiation and completion. The inner circle that joins them together represents the perfection of God in the form of absolute truth, infinity, and unity. “God is a circle whose center is everywhere, and whose circumference is nowhere.” ~ Hermes Trismegistus

“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.”

~ Oprah Winfrey

Message from the Soul Wisdom Oracle Card

Now is time to turn inward and celebrate your uniqueness. 

Acknowledge all your accomplishments and award yourself soothing repose.

Take time to honor your unique characteristics, validating all the special gifts you offer to the world.

Observe the beauty of your individual personality, opening your heart to celebrate the fact that you are very special!

Every gift you possess is a reflection of Spirit. The sharing of your wisdom, laughter and love is Spirit expressed in the highest form. Reminisce and bask in your holiness. Exalt in your Divinity and hail the beautiful soul you are! Celebrate life to the fullest, for you have created this life to enjoy!

It’s easy to get caught up in always wanting to do more and to be more. You have forgotten to take inventory of all that you’ve already done. You have overlooked your accomplishments and feel as though you have not contributed enough.

This card reminds you to stop and pause for a moment to pat yourself on the back. You have grown so much spiritually, mentally and emotionally. You are constantly working to better yourself and your accomplishments need to be rewarded. The fact that you are engaging in this wisdom card deck means that you are striving to become a healthier and stronger spiritual being, which is cause for a great celebration. Every evening before you retire, pause for a moment to reflect and commend yourself for being special “you!”

How will you celebrate the heroic you this week?  

What’s the one top give that you have that brightens up the world? Please tell me in the comments! I always love to hear from my soul tribe. 🙂 


Is it challenging for me to acknowledge my good qualities?

What are my accomplishments?

What are my unique gifts?

What does my own personality actually look like to me?


I celebrate all my individual characteristics and accomplishments.

I rejoice in the truth that I am Spirit

This blog was taken from an excerpt from my Exploration Guidebook and the card from my Soul Oracle Card deck. If you enjoyed reading this, please feel free to check out more inspiration.

Keep Shining … ~Sundara