The Autumnal Equinox is when the earth is struck evenly by our precious sun.

Utilizing this balance, it’s a perfect time to set some dynamic and powerful intentions to align your chakras.

When you connect to the seasons in this Cosmic Dream and Game called Life, you find yourself renewed and reborn each year.

This means you experience yourself getting better and growing brighter!

Autum holds a sacred and spiritually unique place. It’s all about endings, which is a beautiful natural thing. Every journey comes to an end, and completes a cycle. Fall is the stage of descent into one’s own inner darkness, and a mystical embodiment of death. During this period, we are given an opportunity to face any inner darkness and bring in the light to overcome it.

Fall is the time to allow the fearful part of yourself to fall away, like the leaves on the trees. When this accomplished, and the Winter Solstice comes, you will be born anew full of soul awareness, confident and free.

I’ve created some Autumnal Fall Equinox Spiritual Exercises just for you!

Are you ready to do some fun work together to let your BIG Bright Spiritual Light to Shine?

Get Your Journal Out & Let’s BEGIN … Answer the following questions. 

What accomplishments from the past year can I harvest and celebrate?

What areas of my life that no longer serve me, am I ready to let go of?

What fears do I need to release? 

What are my burdens? 

How does my outer physical journey mirror my inner soul journey? 

What actions can I take to make the above two journey’s more balanced?

Allow yourself to remain open to all the magical spiritual possibilities of fall. As you enjoy and allow the crisp air to fill your spirit and listen to the voice of nature as the leaves fall from the trees, you will connect to your soul.


Achieving balance and harmony requires focusing on the physical aspects of your life while taking time to spiritually nourish your soul. Balance is necessary for well being as it connects you to your source. Paramahansa Yogananda says “Life is expressed in a threefold way: through thoughts, desires, and actions. Rightly guide all three forms of expression and they will lead you to a higher state of consciousness. In your activities you are the creator, the preserver, the transformer: your will is the director.” Perfect balance is only living in the present instead of living in the past and in the future at the same time.

When you attain balance in your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual life, you will flow effortlessly through circumstances and situations. You begin to feel calm, intuitive, peaceful, joyous and centered in your being. When you are in balance, your body feels light and connected to the universe yet grounded and without physical discomfort. When you feel excited about life and look forward to the magic found in every moment, you have found harmony.

When your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual life is out of balance, you may experience emotions such as anxiety, nervousness, sadness, depression and anger. Without balance, you may lack a sense of purpose or belonging. You may blame others for your discomfort and mistrust the world. Your body may feel fatigued and lack energy because you have disconnected from the natural flow of life force.

Take a look inward and see how balanced you feel right now. Pay attention to any adjustments needed in order to bring yourself back to your center. Challenge yourself to take a step back and witness how you are currently spending your days. As you allow yourself to process this information, pay attention to how your body responds. You will know instantly if you are living your life in alignment with your soul’s purpose by how your body feels. The wisdom of your body sends messages alerting you to what areas of your life are out of balance; all that is required is taking time to stop and listen to the body’s wisdom.  If you feel out of balance, make any necessary changes that will bring you back into alignment.

Balance is also found when you allow yourself to equally give and receive. Observe these areas in your life and see how you currently handle giving and receiving. Are you giving too much of yourself to the external world physically, energetically and emotionally? Are you able to receive equally in these same areas? When you harmonize with your inner being, you will feel the ease of giving with love and receiving with an open heart.

Your body is made up of energy centers known as chakras. Chakras are spirals of spinning energy that are closely associated with specific organs and joints in the body. These living energy centers spin individually along a vertical power current that runs up and down your body. Even though each center moves and functions independently, together they create a unified system. When one of the centers is not spinning in harmony, it will cause imbalances within your physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual and physical journey. Every life experience has an affect on your energy body; some experiences will be perceived as positive and some will feel negative. The perception of negative experiences over time can manifest physically as disease. When illness or disease is indicated, the body is communicating to you that your way of thinking is out of alignment with your highest good. Illness indicates the need to change your belief system and lets you know that you have reached your physical and psychological limits. You are Spirit in a physical body and your goal is to find harmony within yourself midst the disharmony.

If you wish to explore these cosmic topics more in depth, please check out my artistic creations by clicking on the image to the left.