The white rabbit is a symbol from Alice in Wonderland. Remember how she kept chasing the white rabbit? We are much the same way, always seeming to be chasing after life. The clock represents the illusion of time, for in essence the only real time is the present moment. The past is a mere projection from thought of a previous present moment state and identified according to the perception of one’s own mind. The future will also exist in the present moment when its time arrives and is created by present actions.

Where are your thoughts? Are they lingering in the past or do they project into the future? What if you could bring your awareness into the present moment and experience every second as a gift from the Divine? You can find a treasure in each present moment.

Begin at once to consciously pay attention to every thought, for each thought acts according to its nature. In every activity you perform, place full attention using your mind and personal action while performing the task. Make sure your mind is completely in the present moment, for if your thoughts and actions are not aligned, you will produce weak results.

Pay attention to things you may be chasing after. Whether it is trying to get everything done from your busy to do lists, worrying about schedules and obligations or feeling bombarded with everything you think you have to complete. Stop, calm down and ground yourself. You do not have to endure this self-created pressure that you have created. If you continue this pattern, you will find yourself running around like the majority of busy minded people, always chasing one thing after another.

Who creates your “to do” list? Who keeps you busy running around the clock? Are you chasing the “White Rabbit”—always on the go, go, go?”

Well, my friend . . . I am here to ask . . . Who created the “White Rabbit?” Yes—You did! And just as you created it, you can un-create it! Make it mandatory to stop chasing life and allow life to flow through you!

When you keep your mind full of “have to do’s,” or when you get trapped in replaying past stories in your mind, you are holding yourself back from receiving the full blessings from spirit. If you continue this old pattern, you continue to create according to past desires and karmic inclinations. When you exist in present moment awareness, you are calm, peaceful, with a deep sense of joy. Your body, mind and soul feel completely connected to a grander Source and you feel relaxed. There is an inner knowing with extreme faith that everything is in perfect order. Your mind is still, empty, yet focused because you are now co-creating with the universal strata. Here in this state, you create according to wisdom rather than ego.

Make the decision now to bring your consciousness into the present moment. This is the only place to be. In this place, you will find peace

In this moment you are free from making all decisions. Completely free yourself from making any decisions at this moment around this situation.

Repeat the following:

“I do not have to make a decision at this moment. I trust and know that the decision will be made for me, at the perfect time. I ask for the guidance and clarity to be so crystal clear that the decision will make itself.

My soul knows exactly what direction to take, in order for the highest good of all to be made manifest. I allow the decision to present itself, effortlessly and accurately with my innate faith. I take action according to the instructions that will be made known to me.”

Let go of this situation and trust that you will know exactly what to do. When you free yourself in this way, you allow the mind to step aside allowing new unexpected choices to become available.

Now glance at your “to do list.” How does it make you feel? Are you putting pressure on yourself to keep up with this never ending list? You alone are responsible for creating it, and you alone are responsible for determining how many things you wish to do and the amount of time to accomplish them.


Know that you have Eternity to complete things. Let it all go from your mind and be in the Eternal Present Moment of NOW.

This blog was taken from an excerpt from my Exploration Guidebook, and the “Present Moment” card is from the Oracle Card deck.

Where are my thoughts?

Do I feel like I’m chasing life?

Am I allowing, “what is” to occur?

Am I present?