"Living Life as a Work of Art"

Truth seeker, visionary artist, muralist and writer, Sundara Fawn shares her unique, personal awareness, gained by journeying into creativity and connection to the Divine. She demonstrates that the journey to awareness of our divinity can be fun and creative as she makes beautiful artwork expressing God’s infinite power.

Sundara’s art is universal and honors the truth manifest in all religions as it showcases her commitment to experiencing absolute truth and sharing this truth with others. This focus on absolute truth is in fact, one of the deep guiding passions of her life. The continual desire to express artistically led her to further her education in art. She completed her undergraduate and graduate studies in painting at Northern Illinois University, earning a BFA and MFA degree with honors.

As Sundara channels the Divine through her artwork she brings forth inspirational writings. This special pairing of gifts leads to complementary works that are both beautiful and healing. Her talented gifts through art, guided meditations, videos and spiritual tools enable her to take others through a journey into Spirit to experience higher states of consciousness.

Sundara’s art is recognized nationally and internationally and can be found on several book covers, CD jackets, cards, and in numerous publications. The card deck and case cover of Earth Magic by Steven D. Farmer (Hay House Publishing, 2009) features her artwork. She has also illustrated two children’s books. Sundara has completed her own Wisdom Card deck, guidebook, coloring book and videos; being the artist, author and graphic designer, titled “Reawakening the Soul” – A Journey to Discover & Express Your True Nature. The culmination of this work evolved into an innovative self-empowerment program designed to awaken ones knowing of the cosmic energy that sustains them. Through her inspiring artwork and written inspiration, she intuitively reaches out and touches the hearts of those who are ready for positive change.

We invite you to join the artist as she explores the realm of a visionary world through animal messages, symbols, love and universal consciousness.

Another of Sundara’s primary influences is the essence of nature. Through the communion found on daily hikes in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, she is continually inspired by the sermons given by the sacred voice of the woods. She relays these messages through her writing, which she shares in her clear and compelling voice. She is a disciple of Paramahansa Yogananda, and shares deep insights gained through the study of Yogananda’s scientific techniques.

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As early as I can remember, my passion is to seek absolute truth, and my desire as an artist, is to create art that reflects this truth. These continual longings summoned me to pursue the essence of God through the science of yoga. (Divine union with God.)

Twenty-five years ago, my guru Paramahansa Yogananda came to me in a profound dream. (Please watch the video if you wish to hear my full story.) It wasn’t until ten years after this dream, that I was ready to receive Master as my spiritual teacher. As the great ones say, “when the student is ready, the teacher will come.”

I hold great humility and reverence in the sanctuary of my heart to my beloved Guru Paramahansa Yogananda, whose wisdom, teachings, and encouragement are the inspiration of my work. He took my hand and opened my heart, guiding me on the sacred path to know and experience God, which for me is essential truth. I am truly blessed by all the Saints and Sages of all religions who guide me with strength and confidence to share my spiritual path through my gift of painting.

I offer my gifts and talents of creative thought as my ministry to spread awareness that God is approachable, and knowable and can be fully realized by developing a relationship from a place of wisdom. My mission is to create beautiful healing visionary art, tools and techniques to re-direct one inward where the divine resides. Reawakening the Soul reflects my own personal journey back to my Beloved within myself. I am honored to share the gifts that were bestowed upon me, and to bring you into a fun journey back to your divine essence as Spirit.

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"Let My Life be the Proof of God's Love and let My Gifts Awaken Thy Love in All Hearts."


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