Happy Valentine’s Day!

I remember the first Valentine’s Day when I was not in a romantic relationship. This was odd for me, because ever since I was a teenager I’d been in long-term relationships consecutively for over 25 years.

I remember feeling a little “off sort,” somewhat empty, lonely, and sad inside. I felt uncomfortable; because I knew something different was about to transpire.

Now, I realize these emotions were just holding onto past memories, which contained the perceptions of how I perceived Valentine’s Day to be. I subconsciously based it upon the repetitive experiences from my past, my upbringing, and conforming to the world’s view of this sacred day.

Now that I was alone on this holiday, I decided to plan a special date with my Beloved God to celebrate the very power that sustains me.

Little did I know this would become one of the most precious and fond memories of my lifetime!

I have since continued having dates with the Divine, whether I’m in a physical relationship or not.

Here’s one of my Divine Rituals, so you can begin to experience True Everlasting Love for yourself!

6 steps to create a Sacred Ritual for You and Your Cosmic Beloved

1. Set a time and place for your special date

Decide when and where to have your sacred date. Choose a comfortable quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. Think about your date, dream about it, and get excited as you prepare to enter into the Divine Romance with your Higher Self.

2. Creating and preparing your sacred space

Spread out a blanket either inside or outside. Place some sacred and meaningful objects in the center to create an altar. Light a candle, burn incense and smudge with sage or sweetgrass as you prepare your space. The use of musical instruments such as a bell, drum or flute are great ways to energetically clear the space through sound vibration.

Bring a pen, journal, sketchbook, poems or whatever you wish to include in your divine date. You may even wish to prepare a special meal to enjoy during your time within.

3. Entering your divine space

Enter your space with the intention of devoting yourself wholly to uniting with your Creator. Sit comfortably with your eyes closed and feel yourself connecting to God. Begin to inhale deeply, in through the nose and out through the mouth. Do this as long as necessary until you come to a deep relaxed state of mind, where your thoughts disappear.

Inwardly talk to God in the language of your soul. Allow your heart to open and express your gratitude and love.

God has everything, except for one thing . . . your love. You can give the only thing the Absolute is seeking . . . Your Love!!

Hear the voice of God through your conscience saying, “I love you, I’m so proud of you, you’re doing a great job, I am right here within you, I’m always taking care of you, this life is but a dream,” … etc. Include your name in your statements to make it more personal. Allow yourself to receive whatever kind and loving words you wish to hear. Spend time feeling the divine presence sustaining you and feel how much you are unconditionally loved. Feel that there is no separation between you and God.

4. Write a love letter to God

Without the Divine Power and life force, you would cease to exist. Let your Creator know how grateful you are at this moment in time to have an opportunity to use and harness His/Her Universal energy flowing within you. Write anything you wish to share or ask of your Great Creator. Don’t over think, just allow your heart to fully open and express anything you wish through writing. There is no right or wrong way here, it’s about connecting to your Higher Self as the immortal Soul.

5. Write a love letter to yourself from God

Allow your Beloved Creator to write through you sharing all the beautiful characteristics that make you unique. Include any accomplishments you’ve achieved, any special qualities you possess and anything else you wish to express. Be creative, supportive and generous to yourself as you receive divine praise from your Divine Creator. Remember, God is love and does not judge, condemn or punish you. Fill these pages with positive thoughts and recognition of the divine qualities you express out into the world.

6. Have fun on your date

Be creative and have fun on your date! Make it special . . . make it your own and you will know that eternal happiness is right within your soul.

When you experience this supreme love, you will no longer have the need, nor desire to receive it from any person, material object, or the world.

True Everlasting Love is Possible! I’m glad you will experience it for yourself!

Your immortal soul is an image of God, endowed with absolute faith, everlasting love and ultimate bliss.

Congratulations on celebrating the truth of your existence! Have fun on your date with your Cosmic Beloved!

Inspire a friend! Share how you transform your heart through the creative process of ritual.